Tell Your GPS to Get Lost! (for Your Brain’s Sake)

If you hear the phrase “Your destination is on the right” pretty often, your brain might be in trouble. Find out more about how your brain is getting lost in your GPS.

One Way to Grow A Happy Brain

Can you grow your own happiness? According to recent research, you sure can with just one simple practice. Find out what it is and how to get started today!

Protect Yourself From This Common Injury

: A traumatic brain injury occurs every 21 seconds in America. Find out what it is and a few easy ways to detect it and protect yourself from it.

Study Reveals New Brain Threat in Your Salad

Having a salad for lunch? If it’s not organic, you might be facing some dangerous brain consequences. Find out more…

WARNING: There Is a Killer in Your Shower

If you use municipal water, your shower is definitely making you sick. Find out how and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Can This Ancient Chinese Secret Ease Your Chronic Pain?

Lisa Ball of Plum Dragon Herbs and Dit Da Jow joins us today to explain how the powerful properties of this ancient Chinese remedy may reduce your chronic pain. Learn more…

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Redefining "Homegrown": My Trip to the Agrihood

Planned communities don’t always include golf courses and tennis courts. Find out what’s different about a farm-to-table community in northern Virginia.

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Study: Drug-Free Pain Relief More Powerful Than Pills

Is it really all in your head? A new study reports that back pain sufferers may benefit more from mindfulness practices than painkillers.

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Cry Away Cancer With This Kitchen Staple

Could this pungent food ward off cancer and heart disease? Find out what it is and the best way to prepare it.

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Avoid This Dementia Causing Drug During Allergy Season

Allergy season is upon us. Be sure your go-to medication isn’t messing with your memory. Find out more…

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Which Egg Is Right for You?

It’s Easter and there are eggs at every corner. Find out which one is right for you.

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Silence Your Tinnitus and Increase Your Sleep With This Natural Solution

Buzz, hiss, click, roar… These are the sounds of tinnitus. Sound familiar? If so, you’ll want to keep reading. Living Well shares one easy way to enjoy the silence.

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Laissez Faire Crashes Expo West… Again

Nate Rifkin joins us today with a full report on Living Well’s trip to Natural Products Expo West. He provides an insider’s glimpse into the world of natural products and gives us the rundown on some of his favorite picks. Lots of pictures included!

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What Is Your Urine Trying to Tell You?

Take a look before you flush. Your urine could be telling you something about your health. Learn more…

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UPDATE: DARK Act Defeated by the Senate!

The Senate shuts down the DARK Act! Safe food labelling is on the horizon.

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Ultra-Processed: The Sweet, Sad Truth About The American Diet

New research show Americans are getting almost 60 percent of their calories from ultra-processed foods. But there is a bigger problem. All of this ultra-processed eating is leading to our sugar problem. Find out more…

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Want Diabetes? Take Your Cholesterol Meds

If statins are a part of your health routine, you want to read this. Research now indicates you may be at greater risk for diabetes.

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Easy Ways to Avoid Superbugs

Drug-resistant infections are everywhere. But there is one place you are most likely to get them. Find out where it is.

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Oregon Passes Major Regulatory Hurdle

Good news for Oregonians! GMO salmon must now come with a warning label.

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Are Bagels the New Cigarettes?

A new study from the University of Texas finds that carbs may be more dangerous than smoking. Find out how foods high on the glycemic index may give you lung cancer and how to reduce your chances.

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