Top GMO Vitamins Are There Hidden GMOs in Your Supplements?

Are there Hidden GMOs in your Supplements?

Red Wine -- Is It Healthy or Not?

Many studies suggest moderate consumption of red wine improves health. But now and then, new research questions that conclusion. What's the bottom line?

Filth-Mongering! Coca-Cola Pays Scientists to Fool You

Their tentacles spread through academia and the government…

Another Reason to Avoid GMOs (As If You Needed One)

A newly approved herbicide makes for yet another reason to avoid non-organic and GM foods.

High Protein Wrecks Your Kidneys… Except It Doesn’t

Fear of a protein-induced kidney damage keeping you on the carb-intensive bandwagon? Don’t worry. If you are healthy, your kidneys will be fine...

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Gold King Mine Toxic Spill: What to Do Now

How to protect yourself from toxic water

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Is Your Doc Bought and Paid for by Big Pharma?

Here’s how to find out how much money your doctor has received from drug companies

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The Most Powerful Health Solution

Eat right, exercise, and sleep well, and you’re still missing what research shows is a vital path to robust health.

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Animas River Turns Toxic

The real villain behind the Animas river toxic spill

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Do Statins Cause Heart Disease?

New research suggests these dangerous drugs might actually contribute to, rather than treat, heart disease.

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To Live Longer, Drink More Coffee

Love coffee? Good for you! Java consumption is associated with lower death rates -- and you’ll be surprised to find out how much you should drink to get the maximum benefit.

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Sugar: Watch out! It’s Behind You!

Think you’re avoiding sugar? Wait until you see where it’s hiding…

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The Great Natto Experiment

Natto contains the vital nutrient vitamin K2. Too bad it tastes like gym socks. Here’s how to get the benefit without the gag-inducing flavor.

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GMO Corn Snuck into Your Lunch

How restaurants are caving to cheap ingredients at the risk of your health

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“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

If you’re taking a prescription sleep aid, that might happen sooner than you think

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Eat This Kind of Flesh

To reap optimal health benefits, your whole food diet should include whole animals as well as whole plants.

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Gut Feeling: Can you change your brain by changing your gut?

Can you change your brain by changing your gut?

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Gott im Himmel! That’s Good Sauerkraut!

Even if you can’t boil water, you can make delicious sauerkraut at home -– the perfect food for a healthy gut!

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I’d like your help...

Sleep’s unusual connection with memory

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How to Naturally Beat Anxiety

These natural herbs can help diffuse your next anxiety attack.

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