Steak, Liquor, and Bug Flour: Living Well Visits Expo East

We tour an annual health expo, and the results aren’t pretty…

Probiotics DIY

Save money on expensive fermented foods with this awesome device

This Popular Type of Soap Is Hazardous and Useless

Soap containing this special ingredient is widely available. That’s unfortunate, because it does more harm than good.

The GMO Truth They Don't Want You to Know

All the debate about GMO label laws is really just a clever distraction…

Reader Q & A: Is Organic Corn OK?

Last week, this reader question surfaced in our mailbag, and the simplicity of it struck me. The answer, however, isn’t quite so simple.

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Only Lazy Thinkers Fear GMOs?

Is it true that only the mentally lazy fear GMOs? That’s what GMO backers would like you to believe.

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The Battle Against GMO Bill H.R. 1599 Rages On

Politicians eat up more steaming garbage about GMO bill H.R. 1599, served by the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food

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New Alzheimer's Research

A new drug may hold potential for preventing Alzheimer’s, but natural options are also available

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Are You Just a Taxi for Your Microbiome?

Are human beings really just taxis for transporting the bugs in our guts? Here’s the humbling truth.

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Genetically Modified Lawyers Sue Chipotle

If you thought Chipotle’s food was GMO-free, you might be wrong…

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Top GMO Vitamins Are There Hidden GMOs in Your Supplements?

Are there Hidden GMOs in your Supplements?

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Red Wine -- Is It Healthy or Not?

Many studies suggest moderate consumption of red wine improves health. But now and then, new research questions that conclusion. What's the bottom line?

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Filth-Mongering! Coca-Cola Pays Scientists to Fool You

Their tentacles spread through academia and the government…

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Another Reason to Avoid GMOs (As If You Needed One)

A newly approved herbicide makes for yet another reason to avoid non-organic and GM foods.

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High Protein Wrecks Your Kidneys… Except It Doesn’t

Fear of a protein-induced kidney damage keeping you on the carb-intensive bandwagon? Don’t worry. If you are healthy, your kidneys will be fine...

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Gold King Mine Toxic Spill: What to Do Now

How to protect yourself from toxic water

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Is Your Doc Bought and Paid for by Big Pharma?

Here’s how to find out how much money your doctor has received from drug companies

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The Most Powerful Health Solution

Eat right, exercise, and sleep well, and you’re still missing what research shows is a vital path to robust health.

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Animas River Turns Toxic

The real villain behind the Animas river toxic spill

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Do Statins Cause Heart Disease?

New research suggests these dangerous drugs might actually contribute to, rather than treat, heart disease.

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