Cut Your Parkinson’s Risk in HALF… Starting Today

Fighting Parkinson’s disease has never been tastier or simpler. Find out how new research indicates slashing your risk is as easy as eating a meal.

[BREAKING] Men Are DYING Faster?!

Dear Reader,  Ask the men in your life when they last went to the doctor and most will have a hard time remembering.   I ask men this question all the time and I’m often answered with a blank stare.  You see, most men avoid going to the doctor as much as possible…but they shouldn’t.  Because men die faster.  And in my years of...

Is Your Handwashing Technique SPREADING Germs?! 

Dear Reader,  We’ve all been told to keep her hands clean – especially so in recent times.  But wouldn’t it be nice if we were told the RIGHT way to do it?  Washing your hands regularly is one of the keys to stopping the spread of germs, in part because we touch our face far more often than...

Popular Drug SKYROCKETING Your Dementia Risk?! 

Dear Reader,  When you go to your doctor with a problem you expect to be given a cure… or, at best, at least a treatment that will make your problem manageable.  What you don’t expect is for this drug to open a can of worms for other health troubles. But that’s exactly what could happen if you suffer with anything from...

ANOTHER Study Links Chemo to MORE Cancer?!

Dear Reader,  Most people are terrified at the thought of chemotherapy AND with good reason.  Chemotherapy works (in general) by poisoning cells that grow rapidly.  Unfortunately, chemotherapy doesn’t just pinpoint cancer cells, it often takes your other healthy cells along with too (like your hair, your digestive tract…).  But most people are willing to go through this pain and torture because they believe it will put an end...

Amazing Seed Melts Away Fat

Want an easy, affordable and tasty way to fight weight gain? Then you’ll want to keep reading. Find out how a tiny seed can improve your health and keep you trim.

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Conquer Cancer With This Vitamin Cure

Want a free way to increase your chances of surviving cancer? Read on...

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Mailbag! Thanksgiving Heartburn Hacks

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We’ll discuss how to keep those holiday indulgences at bay with some natural remedies.

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The Simple Secret to Living to 100

Scientists have found a dead-simple way to extend your life without making any sacrifices. And the best news — it’s literally everywhere. Read on to discover more.

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Prostate Problems? Try This African Cure

Bladder troubles keeping you up all night? Good news, recent research shows an ancient African cure can keep you out of the bathroom. Read on to discover more about this all-natural remedy.

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Secret Cause of Parkinson’s Revealed?!?

Did Hurricane Katrina lead researchers to the cause of Parkinson’s disease? Looks like it. Read on to discover more about this amazing scientific breakthrough.

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The Only Dairy Diabetics NEED to Eat

Want to fight diabetes and enjoy dairy too? Good news: Science says you can do both! Find out which creamy delight you should be eating every day to keep your blood sugar at bay.

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Avoid This BIG Thanksgiving Mistake

Should you be paying more for organic turkey this Thanksgiving or is that factory farmed bird is just as good? Find out how to keep dirty birds off your table this year.

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Can’t Sleep? Here’s Why…

Research shows there’s a new sleep culprit in America — and it’s got nothing to do with technology. Find out if this common habit is robbing you of your sleep.

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Mailbag: This Secret “Shuts Off” Nerve Pain

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We’ll discuss how diabetes and certain medications can lead to a painful condition. Plus, we will give a few tips on how to relieve it.

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KILL Cancer With Common Vitamin

Could a simple vitamin be the answer to fighting a common cancer? Yes, according to some emerging research. Find out which vitamin it is and how it could help you stay cancer-free.

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Delicious Treat CRUSHES Diabetes

Tired of tasteless, chemical-filled diabetic desserts? Good news: You don’t have to eat them ever again! Find out how a rich, decadent dessert is not only safe to enjoy, but also could help keep you healthy.

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[Warning] New Fungus Killing Hospital Patients

Going to the hospital is now even more dangerous. Find out what’s lurking in medical centers and how it can make you very sick.

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Diabetes Breakthrough Works in 1 DAY!

Want to eat delicious foods and fight diabetes at the same time? New research suggests this is possible. Read on to discover more about this groundbreaking study.

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Mailbag! The Great Butter Debate SOLVED

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We will discuss the differences between butter and margarine. Plus, we will give a few tips on how to select a heart-healthy spread.

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