Scientists Discover Unlikely Cause of Loneliness

New research finds loneliness isn’t just due to isolation. Discover the underlying reason for your long, lonely nights in today’s edition of Living Well Daily.

2-in-1 Breakthrough REVITALIZES Vision AND Memory?!

Dear Reader,  Have you started noticed troubling signs that you’re getting older?   Like maybe you’ve found yourself sitting down to read a magazine only to realize you just can’t see the tiny words clearly without holding it at arm’s length…   (Perhaps you’ve already caved in and bought a pair of reading glasses…)  Or have you felt embarrassed as you stumble over words during conversations?...

[BREAKING] Men Are DYING Faster?!

Dear Reader,  Ask the men in your life when they last went to the doctor and most will have a hard time remembering.   I ask men this question all the time and I’m often answered with a blank stare.  You see, most men avoid going to the doctor as much as possible…but they shouldn’t.  Because men die faster.  And in my years of...

Is Your Handwashing Technique SPREADING Germs?! 

Dear Reader,  We’ve all been told to keep her hands clean – especially so in recent times.  But wouldn’t it be nice if we were told the RIGHT way to do it?  Washing your hands regularly is one of the keys to stopping the spread of germs, in part because we touch our face far more often than...

Popular Drug SKYROCKETING Your Dementia Risk?! 

Dear Reader,  When you go to your doctor with a problem you expect to be given a cure… or, at best, at least a treatment that will make your problem manageable.  What you don’t expect is for this drug to open a can of worms for other health troubles. But that’s exactly what could happen if you suffer with anything from...

Destroy Diabetes With These Hearty Foods

Want to reduce your chances of developing diabetes? Then you need to start eating these hearty foods. Discover why…

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Throw out Your Vitamin B12! (If You're Not Taking It With This Supplement)

If you’re not taking this supplement, then you might as well toss your vitamin B12 in the trash! Plus, find out more about how this amazing nutrient duo can help you destroy your risk of dementia.

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Ordinary Gourd Squashes Cancer and Heart Disease

Could this ordinary gourd protect you from cancer and heart disease? Actually, yes. Find out how and where to get it today

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From the Mailbag: Hillary’s Health Scare and the Differences Between Alzheimer's and Dementia

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We will discuss Hillary Clinton’s most recent health scare and examine the similarities and differences of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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How to Cut Your Risk of Dementia in Half

Join us today as we reveal the one simple thing you can to do lower your risk of dementia by 50 percent.

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Natural Sleep Aid Also Fights Cancer

Does sleep deprivation lead to cancer? According to a new study, it might. Find out which type of cancer it can cause and the one thing you need to take to stop it.

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Stroke Linked to Debilitating Illness

A new study finds having a stroke could put you at greater risk for a debilitating disorder. Fortunately, there’s one vitamin that can help prevent both. Find out more...

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Fight Diabetes, Heart Disease and Dementia With This Ordinary Spice

Check your cabinets for this powerful spice! New research shows it might help you win the fight against heart disease, dementia and diabetes. Find out more...

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Germ Causes Beautiful, Radiant Skin

Maintaining healthy skin is difficult in a world full of harsh chemicals cleansers. Find out why they are ruining your skin and one way to restore your skin to its natural healthy state.

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From the Mailbag: More Toenail Fungus Solutions

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We will share with you powerful solutions for fighting toenail fungus.

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FDA Finally Bans These Cancer-Causing Products

Washing your hands today? You’ll want to read this first. New evidence causes the FDA to ban a popular type of soap. Find out if you’re using it.

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Fight COPD and Lung Infections With This Common Oil

Could this common oil be the cure for lung issues? New research shows it just might be. Find out more...

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Mosquito Season: Why Bug Spray Can Melt Plastic

With the Zika crisis upon us, it’s important to keep yourself protected. Find the best way to keep mosquitoes at bay without intense chemical exposure.

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Blood Thirsty Brains

New research shows your brain is “bloodthirsty.” Well, if it’s healthy, that is. Find out what this new discovery means and how it can affect your health.

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Ordinary Fruit Destroys Heart Disease, Diabetes and Liver Disease

New research shows an unsuspecting fruit can help thwart heart disease, diabetes and liver disease. Find out more…

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