Can We Stop Aging?

Could free radicals be like a zombie apocalypse for your body?

Is Your Prescription WRONG?

Dear Reader,  You make an appointment at your doctor’s office (which, let’s be honest, is no small feat in an “Era of Infection”).   You pass the temperature and the pandemic questions with flying colors.  You brave the waiting area, where any number of people might be infected and breathing viruses into the air…   Everything inside the exam room goes as planned. But there’s something all-too-common that could be happening when you leave – something you don’t expect....

“Healthy Habit” a Wrecking Ball for Your Heart!

Dear Reader,  Overall, you try to eat healthy, do well for yourself, and even exercise.   Maybe you even think about your heart health when you’re choosing food at a restaurant or the grocery store.   You try to get your fruits and veggies, order diet drinks instead of full-calorie sodas, skip the dessert on most occasions (we all have to splurge sometimes!), and focus on lean meats and whole...

[Breaking] A Source of Alzheimer’s Discovered?!

Dear Reader,  Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia in the world.   You’ve probably heard that this degenerative brain epidemic is caused by a buildup of harmful plaque in the brain.   That much we know.   But why that plaque builds up in the first place is a source of heated debates in the medical community.   And now a new study suggests a key player...

The “Sweet” Solution to Lowering Your Blood Pressure!

Dear Reader,  It’s Thanksgiving. And while we’ve been living in some strange times, I hope you’re able to safely spend some time with your loved ones.   Incredibly enough, we’re cruising right into the holiday season. And while it’s a time of joy, thankfulness and family, many people also feel something else…  Stress. While we may not...

Would You Take Steroids? Your Answers Are In...

How many of your fellow readers would already take testosterone? The results might surprise you…

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Taking a Statin? Read This Now

If you take a statin you absolutely must make sure you have adequate levels of this vitamin.

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Would You Take Steroids?

It may be one of the biggest modern health trends, as thousands of men jump on the bandwagon

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Is This Food Causing Your Joint Pain?

Are certain foods causing your joint pain? Here’s an easy way to find out.

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Strengthens Your Body at Any Age

How my mother inspires me to be healthier, and what she’s doing to feel 20 years younger without traditional exercise

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How to Ruin Your Body by Lifting Weights

How lifting weights can go wrong, and cause your body more damage than health.

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7 Natural Ways to Reduce Allergies

If springtime allergies have you trapped indoors, try one of these 7 natural ways to get some relief.

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This Turns Back the Clocks in Your Cells

One simple strategy to “reverse aging” in the powerhouses of your cells…

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Have heartburn? You may need more stomach acid

Suffer from heartburn, indigestion, or acid reflux? You may actually need more stomach acid, not less.

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My Horrible Gut Pain -- Part 2

The mystery is solved: Nate reveals what was causing his horrible gut pain, and how he eliminated it naturally

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Can You Guess: Why I Had Horrible Gut Pain

What happens when Living Well Daily editor Nate Rifkin starts feeling horrible abdominal pain, and he can’t figure out why…

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Grocery Stores Fear This

Where are people spending their money today, even if they’re strapped for cash? Not where big chain grocery stores would like…

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How Fat is Your Liver?

One in three people have fatty liver. How do you know if you have it and what can you do to prevent it? Find out here.

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A Bigger Threat to Your Liver Than Alcohol

What’s causing so many livers to choke on their own fat? Living Well Daily begins unravelling the mystery…and the answer’s not what you think.

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What the Heck Is Stevia? Part 2

Could there actually be a sugar replacement that’s natural and good for you? Read on to learn the truth about stevia.

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