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Taste Changed? You Could Have THIS Deadly Disease

Dear Living Well Daily Reader,

The conditions that happen in our bodies are downright bizarre.

And one of the strangest is dysgeusia, or a sudden change in how food tastes.

It can happen overnight—suddenly your favorite food tastes “off.” You may even throw out the food thinking it’s spoiled, but the funny taste remains.

This sudden distorted sense of taste can signal something frightening… and I’m not talking about COVID-19.

A new study has shown that if food tastes strange to you, it could indicate this deadly disease.

First, I want to differentiate between LOSS of taste and dysgeusia.

Loss of taste is something almost everyone has heard of as the COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the world.

Dysgeusia is NOT a loss of taste. You can still taste foods with dysgeusia, they just taste strange. Many people who have it claim they have a metallic or funny taste in their mouths.

And now, researchers have found that the most common cause for dysgeusia is kidney disease.

Specifically, dysgeusia occurs when there is a serious decline in kidney function. As the kidneys fail, there is a buildup in the blood of a molecule called urea, as well as nitrogen compounds. This is what leads to the strange taste.

Dysgeusia usually occurs when the folks with kidney disease are about to experience kidney failure. But it can also occur suddenly from poisons, infections, damage from medicines, or even kidney stones.

Typically, you will also see other signs of kidney failure, including having little to no urine when you try to urinate, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, swelling in the legs and feet, confusion or anxiousness, fatigue, and pain below the rib cage.

Even though your odds of kidney failure may be low, if you’re experiencing dysgeusia, you should be seen by a health professional as soon as possible.



P.S. If you’re living with kidney disease, there are a few ways you can make your life easier. Click here to find out more.



Gray, Lauren. “If Your Food Tastes Like This, Get Your Kidneys Checked.” 12/27/2021.

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