Diabetic? Try This FREE Cure

It’s no secret that diabetes is killing American seniors in droves.  

In fact, 1.6 million folks lost their lives to diabetes in 2016 alone.  

And the mainstream won’t save you from this killer disease.  

They’ll just push expensive drugs and impossible diets.  

Fortunately, there’s a better way to cure diabetes.  

Even better?  It’s free… and anyone can do it.  

I’m talking about sleep.  

And if you’ve ever had disrupted sleep, you already know what it can do for your mood and concentration.  

But it looks like not getting your 40 winks can do a lot more damage to your health.  

In a recent study, researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital followed a group of over 2,000 seniors for almost six years 

At the end, they found that the participants who experience disrupted sleep increased their risk of developing high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and obesity by a whopping 26 percent.  

All three of these factors can greatly increase your risk of developing diabetes. This means getting proper rest could be the key to ENDING your blood sugar issues before they start.  

Already diabetic? Other research shows that getting proper rest can help REVERSE this life-threating condition.  

Bad sleep is so destructive to your health because it throws off your body’s’ natural clock or circadian rhythm 

Even worse? Our modern lifestyle – full of blue light devices and endless entertainment – can make getting good sleep  

But there are a few tried-and-true ways to get your Zzzs 

  • Exercise is one of the best paths to a good night’s sleep. When your body is physically tired, your mind has no choice but to give in. Find an exercise you love and increase how much you are exercising when you feel stressed.  
  • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon. This means skipping coffee, tea, chocolate, and energy drinks.  
  • Sleeping alone is another option for people who are woken up by their mate. The National Sleep Foundation found nearly 25% of couples sleep in separate beds. 
  • Calming herbs such as hops, passionflower, lemon balm, chamomile, and valerian all help relax the body and mind.  
  • Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea that helps people feel calm.  
  • Melatonin is a hormone that promotes good sleep.  

Dr. Scott Olson

Written By Dr. Scott Olson

Nearly 25 years ago, failed mainstream medical treatments left Dr. Olson in constant pain – and his health in ruins. And that’s when he did something REVOLUTIONARY. He began his career in medicine – and dedicated his life to uncovering the true, underlying causes of disease.
Through his innovative medical practices in Tennessee and Colorado, Dr. Olson has helped cure countless seniors from across America of arthritis… heart disease… diabetes… and even cancer. All without risky prescription drugs or painful surgeries.

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