Is it Depression… Or Something Worse?

Depression has practically become an epidemic in America. But your depression may just be a symptom of a much larger problem.

Dr. Scott’s Secret to Stopping Heart Disease

Mainstream medicine has spent decades trying to prove cholesterol is the culprit behind heart disease. But here’s the real cause – and how to fix it. 

The Life-Saving Vitamin You’re NOT Taking

Vitamin K is absolutely crucial to preventing some of the deadliest diseases around. So why aren’t more people getting enough of it?

Taking Insulin? Better Read This FAST

Many diabetics are having trouble affording their insulin. But that may be a blessing in disguise. Because insulin is a terrible idea for people with diabetes.

Should You Stop Taking Prescription Drugs? (My Answer Will Surprise You)

A new study shows that 30 to 40 percent of people stop taking the drugs they were prescribed. But doing that on your own can be a big mistake.

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How Old Can You Possibly Live? (I Have the Answer)

Scientists say they’ve discovered how long people can actually live. But I’m going to introduce you to something more important than lifespan – it’s called “healthspan.”

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The FREE Solution to Chronic Pain Relief

Mainstream medicine is loading up patients with dangerous and addictive painkillers. But new research proves that vitamin D can help erase chronic pain by targeting it at the source.

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This “Fat Advice” Can Kill You!

For years, the government and health groups pushed dangerous vegetable oils on the public. Avoiding this poison – and choosing the right fats – can be a matter of life and death.

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Save Your Vision With These Simple Tricks

Vision loss can cost you your mobility and even your independence. But there are some simple ways to protect your eyesight before it’s too late.

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Dr. Scott’s Secret for Slow Aging

Aging is a part of life – but how you age is up to you. Here are some simple steps to take control of the aging process.

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[Warning] Prostate Treatment is Damaging Your Heart!

Mainstream doctors are regularly recommending hormone therapy to men with prostate cancer. But it can send your risk of heart disease through the roof.

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This Blood Pressure Lie is Wrecking Your Health

The government and health groups have been scaring people away from salt for years. But salt holds the key to protecting your health – and even extending your life.

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The Shocking Reason Your Brain is Failing

Believe it or not, most modern brain diseases have the same root cause. Fix it, and you can keep your brain healthy well into your golden years.

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Don’t Take Ibuprofen Until You Read This

Most of us keep a trusty bottle of ibuprofen in the medicine cabinet for aches and pains. But new research shows ibuprofen could be literally eating your muscles away.

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Uncle Sam is Destroying Your Health (Here’s What to Do…)

For years the U.S. government has waged a foolish war on fat. But a new study proves that following Uncle Sam’s advice could send you to an early grave.

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This Health Fix Could Save Your Marriage

Stop the quarreling and the stress. Research proves one change to your daily routine can make for happier relationships. 

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The ONE Vitamin Every Senior Needs

Navigating the world of vitamins and supplements can be tricky. But there’s one vitamin that every senior needs. It could add years to your life and preserve your independence.

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This WEIRD Cure Erases Anxiety

Are stress and anxiety taking all the joy out of your life? Use this easy fix to kill those butterflies in your stomach for good.

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Revealed! The Secret Cause of Memory Loss

We’ve all been told that memory loss is just a normal part of aging. But there’s a more serious problem that could be slowly destroying your brain – and it’s reversible.

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Blacklisted Vitamin Wipes Out Cancer Cells

Vitamin C has consistently shown an ability to safely attack and destroy cancer cells. So why aren’t more cancer patients being offered it?

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