New Breakthrough for Immediate Energy

“Place the stick under your tongue,” the exhibitor said to me.


I had a momentary flashback to being drug-tested while applying for a part-time job bagging groceries. They had me swab cells from my cheek, pretty much without warning. At the time, I took it as a sign the interview was going well.

But that was over four years ago. The current circumstances were slightly different, so I snapped out of my reverie.

Coincidentally, however, mind-altering substances were involved this time.

I was visiting a booth at Natural Products Expo West 2015, getting yet another free sample.

This one was rather unique: Instead of a cracker, cookie, or juice, this sample was not to be swallowed. Instead, you place it under your tongue to let the active ingredients get absorbed straight into the bloodstream.

The product?

Ginseng that has gone through a special fermentation process.

I asked our resident product development maven, Jasmine LeMaster, to step in and tell you a little about fermented ginseng and her experience with it:

Jasmine LeMaster:

Panax ginseng (not to be confused with American ginseng or Siberian ginseng) is one of those time-tested natural ingredients that has been used for thousands of years, most notably in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It’s considered an adaptogen, meaning it helps bring the body into balance. If you’re feeling fatigued, it gives you a boost. If you’re feeling stressed, it helps you relax and regain focus. Hundreds of modern studies are proving the health benefits of ginseng as well, from boosting cognitive function to improving glucose regulation to supporting the immune system.

Fermented ginseng is unique because it’s more easily absorbed in the body. Essentially, part of the digestion process is already done for you. In one study, participants given fermented ginseng had 15 times greater absorption compared with participants given regular ginseng.

When I tried the fermented ginseng at Expo, within 15 minutes, I felt my body calm, my mind clear, and my focus increase tenfold.

Nate: Which is good considering how “jet-lagged” she obviously was.

If you’re feeling a little left out, fear not. We were so impressed with the product, we’re going to make it one of Living Well’s offerings. Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, try some ginseng for yourself, maybe mixed in your morning coffee.

Until then,

Nate Rifkin


Nate Rifkin

Written By Nate Rifkin

Nate Rifkin is an obsessed health and mind-power researcher and author. To hear more from Nate, sign up to receive Living Well Daily for free, here.

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