On Blood Thinners? You MUST Read This

You want to know the biggest problem with mainstream medical advice?  

It’s not the drug pushing…  

It’s not those ridiculous diets… 

It’s not even the impossible exercise plans…  

Instead, it’s the fact that most of their advice isn’t backed by reliable research.  

And if you’re one of the thousands of seniors taking a blood thinner, you might be victim to one of their BIGGEST research lies to date.  

Here’s what you need to know.  


For years, conventional doctors have been telling people on blood thinning drugs like Warfarin to NEVER touch green leafy vegetables – like kale, spinach, and broccoli – AGAIN. 


Because these veggies are high in vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting.  

And since… their theory goes… blood thinners do the opposite (keep your blood from clotting) you should avoid vitamin K.  

That is until researchers decided to test the idea.  

The study found 46 patients who were on blood thinners and experiencing trouble maintaining the right anti-coagulation levels.  

Half of the people were given dietary counseling and cooking lessons, and the other was told to add more vitamin K 

Six months later, over 50 percent of the vitamin K group were maintaining stable anticoagulation levels.  

And here’s a shocker: the people who were told to avoid vitamin K didn’t have enough of the essential vitamin in their body to achieve healthy clotting 

But that’s not the only problem you’ll have if you’re not getting enough of this vital nutrient.  

You see, it’s not just for blood clotting control. It also boosts your heart health, improves your blood sugar control, and keeps your blood vessels flexible and your sharp brain.  

If you’re currently taking a blood thinner talk to your doctor about adding vitamin K to your diet 

If you’re not on blood thinners, don’t wait another second to eat more vitamin k-rich foods.  

Dr. Scott Olson

Written By Dr. Scott Olson

Nearly 25 years ago, failed mainstream medical treatments left Dr. Olson in constant pain – and his health in ruins. And that’s when he did something REVOLUTIONARY. He began his career in medicine – and dedicated his life to uncovering the true, underlying causes of disease.
Through his innovative medical practices in Tennessee and Colorado, Dr. Olson has helped cure countless seniors from across America of arthritis… heart disease… diabetes… and even cancer. All without risky prescription drugs or painful surgeries.

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