Feeling Forgetful? How to Tell if Its NORMAL or NOT

“Doc, am I losing my mind?!” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked a version of that question, I could retire to a tropical island TODAY. But I’m NEVER surprised by the inquiry. After all, worrying about losing your mental abilities as you age is perfectly normal. So, today let’s look...

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MAILBAG: Don’t Miss These Dementia Red Flags

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, “How can I spot the difference between normal forgetfulness and signs of dementia?” –– Murphy, from Gatlinburg, TN Hi Murphy, Most of us start to have some minor memory complaints as we age. For example, I struggle with tip-of-the-tongue brain burps. I know the word I’m looking for, but I...

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stamped envelopes.

Mailbag! 7 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

I’ve noticed my husband has been forgetting things more often and I’m worried about dementia. How do you know when it’s time to go to the doctor to get tested? –Patti from Milwaukee, WI Patti, It’s comforting to remember that as we age, we do tend to become less “sharp.” Everyone has lapses in memory....

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