[COVID-19] The CDC Says STOP Doing This!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there has been a lot of something called “hygiene theater” going on. This is when businesses make COVID-19 cleaning routines into a showy production that’s supposed to ease your mind. For instance, my gym closes every two hours so that...

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A Virus’s FAVORITE Season?

Which season is your favorite?   Some people love summer and others prefer winter.   But did you know viruses and bacteria also have their favorite season?   In fact, one of season may be better for COVID-19 — and other respiratory viruses — to thrive…   Maybe you’ve been following the news about COVID-19 and countries like Sweden.   Sweden has seen a dramatic drop in COVID-19 death rates through the month of...

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Weird Fungi DESTROYS Holiday Colds (Amazing!)

The holiday season is upon us… and that means so are a lot of germs. This time of year we’re all busy scampering to buy presents… visiting friends and neighbors… and spending quality time with our families. With each of these encounters we can come face to face with all kinds of colds, flus, and...

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