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Overlooked Health Measurement Could SAVE Your Life

You likely know how much you weigh. After all, if you forget, your doctor will surely remind you on your next visit. You may even have a scale to keep track of it at home. And the same is true for your blood pressure and maybe even your blood sugar. But few of us pay...

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Heart reading graphic.

Your Heart Rate Could PREDICT This Dangerous Disease

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Athletes are strange peopleā€¦ They pay attention to things that most people do not concern themselves with. For many years, athletes have paid attention to their resting heart rate, and they compare them like bowling or golfing scores. But now, there’s good reason for EVERYONE to know what their resting...

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The 12-Minute Trick For a Better Brain

A 12-minute exercise routine may be the best thing you can do for your brain.

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