social isolation

Surprising Brain Shrink Trigger (and the FIX!)

Here’s what no one tells you about your brain as you age… You need to WORK to keep it the same size. It might surprise you that many people’s brains SHRINK quite a bit as they get older. But notice I said MANY! Because you don’t have to be one of those folks whose brain...

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Loneliness Linked to THIS Startling Side Effect

Before the pandemic, we didn’t talk much about being lonely. But when the virus locked us down in our homes, the issue of isolation could no longer be ignored. Some of us were experiencing that kind of loneliness for the first time. But the truth is social isolation has ALWAYS been a common problem for...

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Lady sitting holding head in hand staring off in the distance contemplating her existence.

[UNCOVERED] This Silent Threat Is KILLING Seniors

Most of you readers are already pretty good about taking care of yourselves. You recognize when something’s wrong and you pay attention to it. Whether it’s that ache in your back, or you’re feeling tired more often… you do the same thing: seek out a solution. Sometimes, however, the problem is subtler than that… and...

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