ulcerative colitis

Deadly Disease 8 TIMES More Likely for Crohn’s Patients

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Inflammation is supposed to be a normal response for your body. It’s one of the key defenses protecting you. Inflammation can sometimes be our friend… when it helps fight off infections and clears away debris, that is. The problems start when inflammation blazes out of control or lasts longer than...

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“Gold” Spice Reduces Ulcerative Colitis by 40%!

Recently, a patient of mine, we’ll call her Mary, walked into my office and told me of her eight–week battle with bloody diarrhea.  Many folks are embarrassed to talk about such things, but, having been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis two years ago, she’s gotten used to it.  Her ulcerative colitis had remained in remission – until this recent attack.    She said told me she went to the bathroom 20 times...

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