Wonder Vitamin STOPS Skin Cancer and UV Rays!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Spring is finally here! That means the return of flowers, the sweet sounds of birdsong, and blue skies as far as the eye can see. And it also means more time outside. While that can be a good thing—especially after a long winter without the sun—there’s something you have to...

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Natural Vitamin Reduces Skin Cancer?!

It’s wintertime, and though you’re probably spending more time inside than you would in other seasons, there’s one thing from summer that never goes away.  The sun.  Now, mainstream medical advice is that you should ALWAYS stay out of the sun or use sunscreen every moment you step outside – yes even in the winter!  Their reasoning? The sun’s...

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Nature’s Blood Pressure CURE

Dear Reader, When you think of the dangers of high blood pressure, the usual suspects come to mind: heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease. And with good reason. Those “top killers” take the lives of thousands every year. And the reality is fact, even the slightest uptick in your blood pressure could put you on...

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