Summertime Danger Puts Seniors at RISK [ALERT]

One of the difficult things about growing older is adjusting to our new limits. We can’t work as hard or as long as we used to. Eating the way we used to is off the table, too. And our bodies don’t always function as we expect anymore, affecting everything from blood pressure to digestion. But...

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Woman pinching nose in stressful way.

Bizarre Migraine Trigger FOUND (Shocking!)

If you’re anything like me, it’s probably hard to be surprised anymore. Because if you’ve lived long enough, you’ve seen it all. Billionaires flying to space… a deadly virus that spread around the world in a few months… cars that can drive themselves… what a world we live in! Yet every now and then, I...

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A Virus’s FAVORITE Season?

Which season is your favorite?   Some people love summer and others prefer winter.   But did you know viruses and bacteria also have their favorite season?   In fact, one of season may be better for COVID-19 — and other respiratory viruses — to thrive…   Maybe you’ve been following the news about COVID-19 and countries like Sweden.   Sweden has seen a dramatic drop in COVID-19 death rates through the month of...

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