Aussie Scientists Make Anti-Aging Breakthrough

Dear Living Well Daily Reader,

If there’s one thing we all hear as we get older, it’s that we should eat more fiber.

You probably already know that fiber can do everything from controlling your appetite to keeping you regular.

But according to some amazing new research out of Australia, fiber may be a bona fide anti-aging miracle.

It turns out that fiber may hold the secret to stopping some of the worst diseases of aging, including dementia and diabetes.

And boosting your intake is probably a lot easier than you may have imagined.

In a recent study, Australian researchers sifted through dietary data on more than 1,600 folks aged 50 years or more.

They were looking to see how nutritional factors affected their health as they got older.

And it turns out that if you want to spend more time kicking around on the planet, you need to load up on fiber.

The researchers found that it was fiber that helps protect brain health and emotional wellbeing, and even may ward off chronic conditions including cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Even better, they found that folks who had the highest fiber intakes have an 80 percent greater chance of living a longer and healthier life than those with low fiber intakes.

In fact, they were less like to suffer from high blood pressure, depression, dementia, diabetes and disability.

Simply put, upping your fiber intake is a simple way to ward off the deadly diseases of aging and increase the quality and length of your life.

It’s best to incorporate fiber into your diet through whole foods like fruits, veggies, beans, peas, and nuts instead of highly processed grain products like fiber-rich cereals.

Another easy way to get more fiber is with inulin supplements. Inulin comes from the chicory root and is packed full of fiber and acts as a probiotic, a substance that encourages the growth of “good” gut bugs.

Additionally, one study shows that inulin can help stabilize your blood sugar and even benefit folks suffering from prediabetes.

You can get inulin through online retailers like or at natural health stores.

Live well,

Natalie Moore
Managing editor, Living Well Daily

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Natalie Moore

Written By Natalie Moore

Natalie Moore is a dedicated health researcher with a passion for finding healthy, natural, and science-based solutions. After a decade of direct healthcare experience in western and natural medicine, she was involved in public health research before joining Living Well Daily.

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