Can This Ancient Chinese Secret Ease Your Chronic Pain?

  • From the inside out: the best way to decrease the pain
  • What can dang gui, fu zi zhi, and chuan xiong do for you?
  • Find out how this ancient secret has helped others

Dear Reader,

Chronic pain is a debilitating reality for 100 million Americans.

If you are one of these millions, you already know that living in pain not only takes a toll on your body, but it can also take a toll on your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most sufferers have to rely on over-the-counter pain relievers or mainstream prescription drugs to help reduce this pain.

But the truth is these often costly drugs can be dangerous to your health.

And the worst part, they don’t offer any longer-term results.

However, there is an ancient Chinese remedy that not only offers chronic pain support but may also boost your body’s natural healing.

In fact, the director of Laissez Faire, Doug Hill, tried this ancient healing secret, and to his surprise, he was pain-free in almost no time!

Find out more about this remedy and hear the details of Doug’s experience in a bit.

First, let’s hear from Lisa Ball, owner of Plum Dragon Herbs and Dit Da Jow to help explain what this remedy is and how it may stop your chronic pain for good.

Take it away, Lisa…

CEO Plum Dragon Herbs
Lisa Ball

March 29, 2016

Erasing years of pain and healing injuries from the inside out.

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic pain and you haven’t really been able to receive the relief you are looking for, or you are sick of “pill popping” for temporary relief — then Plum Dragon Herbs’ Chronic Injury and Pain Formula (also known as Ho Family Dit Da Jow) may be exactly what you have been looking for.

The herbs that comprise this formula work synergistically to help soothe inflammation, reduce swelling, and boost circulation — thereby assisting in the formation of new cartilage and soft tissue.

Several of the herbs in the formula (dang gui, fu zi zhi, and chuan xiong to name a few) have been shown in animal studies to act on receptors that are specific to chronic pain and calm overly excited nerves. As stated above, this action helps to restore normal pain responses and, therefore, provides more effective, longer-term relief.

Customers who have used Chronic Injury and Pain Formula (Ho Family) have reported greater range of motion, decreased stiffness, and reduced pain as well as complete healing and recovery from traumatic and chronic injury and pain situations. Many customers report feeling relief within as little as 20 minutes after the first application, and many of those who have used this formula systematically as directed for several weeks were able to heal the underlying injury that was causing their pain in the first place.

Many bioactive compounds are formed during the process of traditional preparation of aged Dit Da Jow formulas like the Chronic Injury and Pain Formula. Using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS), one study found the following partial list of bioactive compounds:

Bioactive Compound

This combination of bioactive compounds is very effective for treatment of impact trauma and pain. The combination of coumarin and salicylic acid, specifically, is especially potent for controlling inflammation and pain.

When this powerful synergistic blend is applied to the skin at the site of injury and pain, these bioactive compounds and herbal nutrition have been demonstrated to permeate into the body through the skin and into the subcutaneous tissue shortly after administration. The compounds then remain at the site of the injury for approximately an hour before being cleared away by the microblood circulation system. This means that the nutritive mixture can have direct contact with the site of the injury and pain for nearly an hour before the body moves it away.

Based on this evidence, we often recommend that the Chronic Injury and Pain Formula be applied several times within one hour two–three times daily for best results. This way, the injured area can be literally saturated with nutritive bioactive compounds that are delivering potent healing to the affected tissue. This is far more effective than ingesting oral supplements that have to make their way through the digestive tract and the bloodstream only to arrive at the injury in very small, diluted amounts. Plus, this direct application of nutrition straight to the site of injury is also far superior to ingestion of pharmaceutical NSAIDs and Cox-2 inhibitors that only mask pain signals and cause serious side effects.

When Doug Hill used the Ho Family Chronic Injury and Pain Formula for an elbow injury he was shocked by the results. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

After months of tendon pain in my left elbow, I was willing to try anything. One night after four applications of this Dit Da Jow, I was pain-free. I was shocked. Didn’t expect results that fast.

Don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what some of our other customers have reported in the last month about their experiences using the Chronic Injury and Pain Formula (Ho Family Dit Da Jow):

In 2010, I was involved in a serious auto accident that caused catastrophic spine fractures that required emergency fusion. That coupled with the removal of a rib to facilitate the fusion left me with unbelievable disc pain and left hip neuralgia. Thankfully, during my recovery, I discovered your company and ordered a 4-ounce bottle of Ho Family Dit Da Jow, as well as enough herbs to make a gallon. It truly is a miraculous formula that actually relieved the nerve pain and sciatica as well as calming the nearly constant back and quad spasms. The relief was real and prolonged, and I was able to share the Jow I made with other people who achieved similar results (in fact, I gave all the rest away). It truly was a lifesaver and allowed me to sleep soundly through many nights that would have been horribly long without it.

— Mike Dellamano, Feb. 25, 2016

I am extremely satisfied with this product and will have no second thoughts recommending it to anyone. I am a runner in the process of training for a marathon. I get the normal aches and pains all runners experience but had noticed a more consistent aggravation in my lower abdominal region. The pain was not enough to make me stop training but had grown steadily worse over a six-week period. I tried exercising my core muscles more and changed my stretching routine but to no avail. This product was recommended to me from a family member, and over a two-week period of applying twice a day, the issue is completely gone. In the process, I also strained my hamstring while running long distance in extreme cold. I used this product on it too, and I was able to continue training quickly, pain-free. I found this product extremely effective and will continue to have a supply on me to assist in healing to keep my training flowing along. I’d recommend it every day of the week and twice on Sunday!!

— John Tyler Selby, Feb. 27, 2016

Try it for yourself and add your healing story to those of countless others we have been privileged to help recover from chronic injury and pain over the years!

Lisa Ball
CEO, Plum Dragon Herbs and Dit Da Jow.

* Please be advised: You should always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or nutritional program. These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Live well,

Natalie Moore
Managing editor, Living Well Daily

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Natalie Moore

Written By Natalie Moore

Natalie Moore is a dedicated health researcher with a passion for finding healthy, natural, and science-based solutions. After a decade of direct healthcare experience in western and natural medicine, she was involved in public health research before joining Living Well Daily.

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