How to Get a “Super Senior” Brain (It’s EASY)

We all know people who seem to defy aging.

No matter how old they get, their brains stay sharp as a pin.

Well these “super senior” brains don’t just SEEM different… they ARE different.

New research has just uncovered some key differences in brains that seem to stay “eternally young.”

And here’s the REALLY good news – there are some steps you can take right now to get a “super senior” brain for yourself.

About 5% of older brains look different when they are scanned.

In fact, they don’t look like older brains at all.

The brains of these lucky few look like the brains of someone decades younger – and the owners of those brains show no fading of intelligence, memory, or cognitive function that are so common among their peers.

Dr. Emily Rogalski, who leads the Super Aging study at Chicago's Northwestern University, found that super-ager’s brains aren't shrinking as fast as their peers.

The scientists in the study gave over 1,000 older people a series of tests and only about 5% of them passed.

What does the test look like? The researchers listed 15 unrelated words, then asked the participants to recall as many as they could half an hour later.

  • 50-year-olds could remember at least nine of those words.
  • 80-year-olds could typically only remember five, but some super-agers remembered all of them.

What makes super-agers super? It wasn’t college or their IQ…

Deep in their brains, the study scans showed, the cortex (the outer layer of the brain) was thicker.

While you can credit genetics, or a whole host of other factors, the fact of the matter is that you can adjust your brain power by keeping your brain healthier (and your cortex thicker).

Let me show you how.

Dr. Scott’s Keys to a Healthy Brain

  • Eat a diet high in vegetables and good proteins.
  • Avoid processed foods and foods with too much sugar and vegetable oils. These increase inflammation in the body – which is deadly to your brain.
  • Keep your blood sugar under control. Blood sugar and brain health are closely tied. If you need help controlling blood sugar, look to supplements that contain chromium and berberine.
  • Eat good fats. The very best fat you can put in your body are the omega-3 Fatty Acids (fish oil). Not only does your brain need these oils to build a healthy brain, fish oils also help to tamp down runaway inflammation.
  • Exercise. There is not a single thing that is better for your brain than exercise. Get out and move your body every day.

Health and Happiness,

Scott Olson

Dr. Scott Olson

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Dr. Scott Olson

Written By Dr. Scott Olson

Nearly 25 years ago, failed mainstream medical treatments left Dr. Olson in constant pain – and his health in ruins. And that’s when he did something REVOLUTIONARY. He began his career in medicine – and dedicated his life to uncovering the true, underlying causes of disease.
Through his innovative medical practices in Tennessee and Colorado, Dr. Olson has helped cure countless seniors from across America of arthritis… heart disease… diabetes… and even cancer. All without risky prescription drugs or painful surgeries.

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