Miracle Veggie Knocks Out Arthritis Pain!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader,

If you’re tired of constantly refilling pain prescriptions, you’re not alone.

And if you’re even MORE tired of the side effects that come with them, who could blame you?

For far too long, Big Pharma has held arthritis patients hostage… promising relief while they rob you blind.

It’s time for something better.

Say goodbye to those addictive pain pills and hello to a miracle veggie that can knock out arthritis pain for good.

Because unlike those sham pain killers, this solution goes to the source.

So, how great would it be if you could reduce pain AND lower inflammation?

That’s exactly what happened to arthritis patients who received garlic supplements compared to those who received placebo.

The new study, published in the journal Phytotherapy Research, found how powerful garlic can be when you take enough (or concentrate it in a pill).

Garlic is nothing new – we’ve been eating garlic for at least seven thousand years! But now we know the extent of its superpowers when it comes to joint pain.

See, the ugly truth is that arthritis can be more impactful on your life than you might realize… Your ability to move around is closely associated with how long you’re going to live.

And that’s why keeping your joints healthy and supple throughout your life is a HUGE step towards longevity and a happier life.

In this new study, 70 women with active rheumatoid arthritis received 500 milligrams of garlic powder twice daily or placebo.

The women receiving garlic showed improvement in their symptoms. And the researchers also found a reduction in inflammatory blood markers: including erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) levels, serum C-reactive protein (CRP) and serum tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a).

In plain English? Garlic lowered their levels of inflammation. And we already know just how dangerous inflammation is for your health.

What makes garlic such a joint hero? It’s a great source of a sulfur-containing compound known as allicin. Allicin is formed in garlic when it is crushed, chopped, or chewed and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

(Other garlic compounds – ajoene, allicin, allyl methyl thiosulfinate and methyl allyl thiosulfinate – have also been shown to help reduce viruses – another reason to add garlic to your daily regimen.)

P.S. Garlic isn’t just a pain reliever—it can also help you sleep better! I know it sounds strange, but a promising new study can back it up. Read more right here.


Dr. Scott Olson

Written By Dr. Scott Olson

Nearly 25 years ago, failed mainstream medical treatments left Dr. Olson in constant pain – and his health in ruins. And that’s when he did something REVOLUTIONARY. He began his career in medicine – and dedicated his life to uncovering the true, underlying causes of disease.
Through his innovative medical practices in Tennessee and Colorado, Dr. Olson has helped cure countless seniors from across America of arthritis… heart disease… diabetes… and even cancer. All without risky prescription drugs or painful surgeries.

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