Oregon Passes Major Regulatory Hurdle

  • The Oregon House chooses to protect consumers — GASP!
  • Genetic pollution coming to a restaurant near you
  • Some politicians are tired of GMOs.

Dear Reader,

Last fall, the FDA approved the production of genetically modified (GM) salmon.

Unfortunately, the long-term impacts of GM salmon on the environment aren’t known, due to the short length of studies. In addition, there is a chance that these new Frankenfish are not totally sterile. Meaning their altered genetic code will be passed on to future generations of salmon.

This could have a major impact on the ecosystem and, eventually, the food supply. 1

When GM salmon breed with the real, unaltered sort, salmon populations may experience some genetic pollution in coming generation.

Not only does this have implications for the freak salmon, but for you, too.

While salmon eaters may not be able to stop future generations of genetically adulterated fish, consumers in Oregon made a dent in the problem last month when House Bill 4122 passed.

This bill requires food manufacturers to label any product containing GM salmon.

Since wild-caught salmon will likely have a higher price tag than the GM version — the ol’ supply and demand law coming into play — labeling will make it clear to the customer which type of fish they are choosing for dinner.

Highlighting safe food sources is an obvious benefit. But it doesn’t stop there. The labels will also aid Oregonians to support local businesses that catch fish in Oregon versus biotech companies that generate them.

State Rep. Ken Helm (D-Beaverton) said, “We deserve as consumers to have the choice where we put our money,” in support of the bill passing.2

Rep. Helm is right. We deserve to know where our money goes.

Fortunately, it seems he may not be the only politician to think this way.

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is also in support of mandatory GMO labeling bill specifically for salmon. She introduced a bill that requires either “genetically engineered” or “GE” to be a part of the product label. In addition, this bill also mandates a third-party analysis of the FDA’s choice to declare genetically modified salmon safe for human consumption.3

And lastly, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack officially came forward in his support of mandatory GMO labeling. Vilsak believes the Senate may get enough votes to pass a proposal of this type.3

Live well,

Natalie Moore
Managing editor, Living Well Daily 


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[2] House Passes Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Salmon

[3]Vilsack calls for mandatory GMO labeling; GE salmon bill introduced

Natalie Moore

Written By Natalie Moore

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