Mailbag: The TRUTH About Massage and Acupuncture

“What’s your take on massages? Acupuncture? Are they worth the hype? I can’t imagine they’d do that much for your health.” – Pete As with many things, massage and acupuncture ARE effective when used for the right conditions. Massage therapy has many proven health benefits, including… lowering stress, relieving muscle pain and tension, improving circulation,...

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Common Chemicals Cause High Blood Pressure?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, When I told my wife about a recent study I was reading, her response was, “A girl just can catch a break!” And she’s right. Women seem particularly vulnerable to the chemicals in our environment. We see this with chemicals that damage the thyroid (women are more susceptible), and we...

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Man suffering from headaches has eyes closed and hands on temples

“Stick It" to Headaches with this Ancient Solution

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Tension headaches are more common than most people realize. In fact, two-thirds of us struggle with them. But as odd as it sounds, many folks don’t always realize when they’re having one. They know they’re in pain, of course. But they might insist it’s eye strain or a sinus issue....

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"Needle Trick" ERASES Arthritis Pain

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, The other day my son taught me a saying: “FOMO” or “fear of missing out.” And if there’s one thing arthritis can make you feel (besides the nagging pain) it’s FOMO. Living with chronically swollen, painful joints means you have to miss out on all the fun, whether it’s a...

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Mailbag! How to Find a Doctor Who Listens

Jeff, This is the exact reason I went into alternative health. In my early 20s, I was very sick and mainstream medicine had nothing to offer me. That’s what made me start to second guess if they had all the answers after all. Then, through a series of happy accidents, I ended up going to...

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SOOTHE Arthritis Pain with This Chinese Secret

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Let me ask you a question— what is knee pain keeping you from doing right now? If you’re like most people who live with arthritis, you probably avoid playing with the grandkids… or working in the garden… or even going out with your friends. Arthritis slows you down… and the...

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CUT Chemo Pain by 68%! (Here’s How)

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, that’s bad enough. But then come all the scorched-earth treatments: radiation, surgery, and chemo. And if you DO go with chemo, the nausea, loss of hair, and lack of energy can turn your life upside down. And the pain is even worse. Now, there’s a way to END this...

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Ditch Your Pain Meds?! (Here’s How to Do It!)

If you’re anything like my senior patients, chronic pain is probably part of your life.   And you already know how the endless throbbing… aching… and limited mobility can turn your life upside down.   But your mainstream doc is NO HELP.   He’ll just hand you’re a script for an addictive, dangerous opioid drug.   Luckily, you DON’T...

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Drop 16 Pounds WITHOUT Diet and Exercise?!?

Researchers from Hong Kong have found a risk-free way to get real weight loss results and it doesn’t require a gym membership or strict dieting.

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Bladder Leaking? Try This Chinese Secret

If you’re a woman over 50, you know how fast it can happen. A quick sneeze or chuckle can cause you to spring an embarrassing leak. Fortunately, brand-new research from China shows that an ancient practice can help stop your incontinence problems.

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