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Fatigue Could Have A SURPRISING Cause (WEIRD!)

When I was younger, I thought we ALL slowed down in our senior years. I was convinced it was a natural and inevitable part of aging. And that the retirement years were essentially for putting up your feet and relaxing (because it was too exhausting to do much else). But I now realize that’s no...

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Skip this VITAL Health Check and PAY the Price

As a Living Well Daily reader, I bet I can guess a few things about you. You’re obviously interested in health. Plus, because you DO read all the latest research, you know a bit more about the topic than the average Joe. And you also likely do your best to look out for your health...

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EAR Test Protects Your BRAIN?

Hearing loss has a habit of sneaking up on folks. Typically, it happens so slowly that you don’t notice it until you’ve lost a SIGNIFICANT amount of hearing. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 8 percent of adults 55 to 64 have disabling hearing loss. That number jumps to 25 percent for people...

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Don't Make This Devastating Hearing Loss Mistake

When patients come in to talk about their health they typically want to address the BIG issues. The focus is often on heart health, blood sugar control, digestion problems, or pain. I RARELY have someone complain to me about hearing loss. There are many reasons for this. But one of the main ones is that...

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Stack of Envelopes.

Mailbag! STOP Dizziness and Improve Hearing

I live with Meniere’s disease and the dizziness is about to drive me crazy. Do you have any recommendations for how to make it better? –Bert from Detroit, MI For readers who don’t know, Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear. People who have this condition complain of severe dizziness, vertigo, ringing in...

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Could Hearing Loss Predict THIS Deadly Disease?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Pardon? What did you say? I didn’t catch that. If you find yourself asking these questions more than a few times a day, you’re probably already experiencing hearing loss. Having hearing issues isn’t just frustrating… it can be downright dangerous. You might miss an important phone call… or not hear...

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Hearing Loss: Your Brain’s SOS?

“What did you say?”  If you ask that question more than a few times a day, chances are you probably have hearing loss.   Hearing loss has a way of sneaking up without you noticing.   And having hearing issues isn’t just frustrating… it can be downright dangerous.   Here’s what you need to know.   In a recent study, published in JAMA Otolaryngology, a panel of 31 hearing experts from more...

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Hearing Loss Secretly DESTROYING This Too?! 

Dear Reader,  If you ask people to repeat themselves more than a few times a day, there’s a good chance might be losing your hearing.  Most people don’t notice hearing loss because it happens slowly over time. So slow, in fact, it’s hard to tell any difference from one day to the next.    It’s good to have someone...

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Is Your Hearing DESTROYING Your Most Vital Organ?

Dear Reader, I have a question for you. How often do you catch yourself asking a friend or a loved one: “What did you say?” Do you find that you ask people to repeat themselves regularly? Maye you have trouble following a conversation in a restaurant or other loud places. If so, chances are you...

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senior man with hearing problems

Hearing Loss? You MUST Read This!

Dr. Scott Olson, ND reveals what hearing loss really means for your future.

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