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[ALERT] Persistent Aspirin Myth Can KILL

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Honestly, I thought we’d already put this issue to bed. After all, the evidence is in. We KNOW that taking a daily aspirin is a bad idea. But the headlines just keep coming anyway… “Aspirin Reduces Breast Cancer by 20 percent!” “Aspirin Cuts Heart Attack Risk!” With incredible claims like...

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30-Second Trick FIGHTS Heart Failure

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, About 6.2 million adults in the United States have heart failure. When you visit your mainstream doc’s office, he’ll tell you that heart failure is the result of clogged arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes, being overweight, lung problems, and heart valve problems. It can make you feel like your health...

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Mailbag! How to Conquer Heart Failure

My doctor told me today that I have heart failure. Is there a way to recover from such a grim diagnosis? –Janice from Rocky Mount, NC Janice, While it’s hard to hear a diagnosis of heart failure, the good news is that it’s typically a slow-moving disease. And thankfully, there’s a lot folks can do...

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REAL Heart Failure Warning Sign FOUND!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Diagnosing heart failure can be a monumental task. Unlike the mainstream says, it’s not just about high blood pressure… and it definitely isn’t out-of-control cholesterol numbers (as I’ve talked about here). And while I agree with looking at all possible factors, the truth is that the REAL signal for heart...

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Diabetics: Beware of This Ticking Time Bomb!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Diabetes (as I’ve said many times) is a horrible disease that leads to a HUGE amount of damage to your heart, your brain, your kidneys… And it can even shorten your life. Sadly, one in ten people reading this could be living with this dreadful disease… and you could be...

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“Secret Test” Diagnoses Heart Failure?

Dear Reader, Almost 400,000 people in the United States die each year from heart failure. It’s, quite literally, a heart-breaking statistic. While it’s not the leading cause of death, heart failure is certainly is certainly close to the top. So, we have to ask ourselves – why? See, knowing who IS at risk and who...

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Diabetes? Beware of THIS Secret Killer!

When you have diabetes, you have enough to worry about. Not only do you have to obsess over your blood sugar and cut out treats, you also have to deal with nerve pain and even the fear of amputation. But now there’s a new threat that’s even more terrifying… and it could kill you. And...

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[SENIORS] This Condition Increases Your DEATH Risk 192 %!

As we age, we’re confronted with all kinds of difficulties…  From sticking to a careful budget to keeping up with your doctor appointments, it can seem IMPOSSIBLE to do… yet you always rise to the challenge!  But when it comes to our health, it feels like the luck of the draw… and the odds are downright frightening.  However, according to a new study, this isn’t the case.   There’s one thing you...

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Bathroom Secret STOPS Heart Failure

I love simple solutions for especially complex problems.   And it looks like there’s one for two of the trickiest heart issues around – irregular heartbeat and heart failure.   I’m not talking about some risky Big Pharma drug… intense exercise plan… or even a strict diet.   Instead, there’s a dead–simple way to lower your risk of these dangerous...

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[Breakthrough] Reverse YEARS of Heart Damage

Dr. Scott Olson, ND shows you how to easily erase years of heart damage.

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