Mailbag! How to EASE Carpal Tunnel Pain

I have carpal tunnel from being a painter for forty years. What would you suggest for treatment? –Bill from Kissimmee, FL Bill, Years ago, I suffered from carpal tunnel when I worked for a medical information company and was using a mouse a lot. It got so bad I couldn’t hold on to a hammer...

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Deadly Disease 8 TIMES More Likely for Crohn’s Patients

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Inflammation is supposed to be a normal response for your body. It’s one of the key defenses protecting you. Inflammation can sometimes be our friend… when it helps fight off infections and clears away debris, that is. The problems start when inflammation blazes out of control or lasts longer than...

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[LADIES] REDUCE Gout Risk 75% with This “Prudent” Secret

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, If you’re a senior woman concerned about gout, you’re not alone. Gout affects 9.2 million Americans each year and women are a large percentage of this statistic. Unfortunately, the mainstream has NOTHING that’s going to help you in any real way. Sure, they can give you drugs to calm inflammation,...

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Inflammation concept, inflamed human tissues 3d rendering.

DOUSE the Inflammation Fire AND Fight High Blood Sugar!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, I don’t have to tell you that out-of-control inflammation is NOT your friend. What starts as a normal, healthy process to fend off dangerous invaders in your body can quickly fan into the flames of chronic inflammation. The problem is almost no one has short-term inflammation. Instead, most folks in...

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Mailbag! How to Prevent a Stroke

A few months ago, I had a stroke and I want to do what I can to prevent another one. What would you suggest? –Peter from Alberta, MN Peter, A stroke can be debilitating. But the great news is, forms of physical therapy have been shown to bring back most patients’ function. I say that...

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Fix Your “SAD” Immune System in 1 Step (Easy)

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Health researchers call our diet the “Standard American Diet” or the “SAD diet.” And that’s a good way to describe it. Our diet is SAD because it is full of sugars, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. In addition, it’s overcooked and lacks nutrients. It also wreaks havoc on your immune...

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[COVID Vaccine] Try This Food “Booster”

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been less than perfect, to say the least. When the vaccine finally came out, scheduling was a nightmare. And though it’s more open now, that hasn’t begun to solve the real problems… You never know WHICH brand of vaccine you’ll get, and the side effects...

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Mailbag! How to Stop ANY Disease (Two Easy Steps)

My husband has been diagnosed with several diseases because of all the inflammation. He’s in pain 24/7 and it kills me to see him suffering so much. What would you suggest to help? –Juanita from Salt Lake City, UT ***** Juanita, I’m sorry to hear about your husband. Chronic inflammation is, sadly, the disease of...

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[COVID Vaccine] RECOVER with These 4 Foods!

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been less than perfect, to say the least. Scheduling is nearly impossible, you never know WHICH brand of vaccine you’ll get, and the side effects have been all over the map. So if you can get some consistency in the process, it’s a blessing. Fortunately, now you can! Researchers have...

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Miracle Veggie Knocks Out Arthritis Pain!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, If you’re tired of constantly refilling pain prescriptions, you’re not alone. And if you’re even MORE tired of the side effects that come with them, who could blame you? For far too long, Big Pharma has held arthritis patients hostage… promising relief while they rob you blind. It’s time for...

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