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Mailbag! Put Restless Leg Syndrome to Bed

I suffer from restless leg syndrome and it drives me crazy! I’ve tried just about everything in the book. What do you suggest? –Ron from Indianapolis, IN Ron, restless leg syndrome has a way of driving even the most patient person crazy. Whether it’s the feeling of ants running up and down your legs, or...

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The WEIRD Cause of Your Restless Legs (And How to Fix It!)

Dr. Scott Olson, ND reveals what’s really causing your restless legs

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Dr. Scotts Restless Leg Protocol

Just like many of my patients, I’ve suffered from restless leg syndrome (RLS). And I know firsthand just how the constant urge to move your legs can really interrupt your sleep… your work… and your fun. Your mainstream doc is NO HELP. They’ll just hand you a script for a risky drug… and dismiss all...

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Warning: Popular Drug is Destroying Your Brain

Most people with restless leg syndrome would do anything for relief. But a popular drug for the condition could leave you with serious mental disorders.

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