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Do YOU Have These Early Alzheimer’s Symptoms?

It’s an absolute gut punch when someone you love is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Both my wife and I have relatives with Alzheimer’s. Some are doing okay, others – not so much.

What breaks my heart is that, despite everything we’ve been told, Alzheimer’s is a disease that is completely preventable.

You just need to catch it early.

Unfortunately, lots of people end up ignoring the early, telltale signs of Alzheimer’s.

But I’m going to share these symptoms with you… and tell you exactly what to do if you have them.

Here is how to catch Alzheimer’s early — look for these early-warning signs:

Mood changes: Everyone gets moody, what you are looking for are dramatic changes. Typically, there is a sudden change in personality along with anxiety, irritability, and depression. People with full-blown Alzheimer’s can show rapid mood swings from calm, to anger, to tears for no apparent reason.

Change in Problem-Solving Abilities: When people find it harder to develop and follow plans, or have trouble making decisions or solving problems, this is a possible sign. People with Alzheimer’s can also find it hard to work with numbers (like balancing a checkbook), or letting bills go unpaid.

Problems Completing Familiar Tasks: If something was easy and now hard, this can be a sign. This includes driving and directions, playing an instrument, or forgetting the rules of a game you play all the time.

Difficulty Communicating: If someone knows what they want to say, but have trouble getting it out (or have trouble organizing words logically), this can be an early sign.

Increase in Poor Judgement: Typically, people have problems gauging the consequences of a behavior. If people close to the person are puzzled by the choices a person is making, that is a red flag. This could be a mid-life (or late-life crisis), but also an early sign of Alzheimer’s.

Misplacing things: Lost keys are typical to anyone, but if it is happening every day, that is a problem.

They key to every one of these signs is CHANGE and SEVERITY: You are looking for new symptoms that are bad.

So what can you do if you’re noticing these early symptoms? Just follow…

Dr. Scott’s Keys to a Healthy Brain

  • Eat a diet high in vegetables and good proteins.
  • Avoid processed foods and foods with too much sugar and vegetable oils. These increase inflammation in the body – which is deadly to your brain.
  • Keep your blood sugar under control. Blood sugar and brain health are closely tied. If you need help controlling blood sugar, look to supplements that contain chromium and berberine.
  • Eat good fats. The very best fats you can put in your body are the Omega-3 Fatty Acids (fish oil). Not only does your brain need these oils to build a healthy brain, fish oils also help to tamp down runaway inflammation.
  • Exercise. There is not a single thing that is better for your brain than exercise. Get out and move your body every day.

Aboveaverage Joe

Written By Aboveaverage Joe

“Above Average” Joe is managing editor of the Lamplighter Report, a publication of Survival Life, a growing and living community designed to thrive no matter what this world throws at us. To learn more CIA tips and tricks click here.

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