"Above Average" Joe

“Above Average” Joe is managing editor of the Lamplighter Report, a publication of Survival Life, a growing and living community designed to thrive no matter what this world throws at us. To learn more CIA tips and tricks click here.


Antibiotics Are FAILING! Here’s What to Do

Antibiotics have lost their effectiveness over time. Dr. Olson names other options to keep us healthy this holiday season.

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alzheiner's xray

Do YOU Have These Early Alzheimer’s Symptoms?

Dr. Olson reveals the brain disease symptoms you’d never expect…

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This Sugar Makes You Skinny?

Want to have your sweets this holiday season and skip the extra pounds? You’re in luck. New science shows one sweetener can actually help you lose weight. Read on to discover more…

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Obesity May Be Costing You Thousands (Even if You’re Fit)

Is the latest front of the obesity epidemic draining your bank account? For millions of Americans, this not-so-obvious form of obesity is draining their bank accounts. Find out more…

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Tell Your GPS to Get Lost! (for Your Brain’s Sake)

If you hear the phrase “Your destination is on the right” pretty often, your brain might be in trouble. Find out more about how your brain is getting lost in your GPS.

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One Way to Grow A Happy Brain

Can you grow your own happiness? According to recent research, you sure can with just one simple practice. Find out what it is and how to get started today!

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