Is THIS Making You Vulnerable to Disease?

Dear Reader,  As long as we have had civilizations, we’ve had diseases that sweep through them.  In the Middle Ages, it was the black plague and cholera.  In the early 1900s we saw the Spanish Flue (H1N1).  In the last few years, we’ve seen SARS, EBOLA, and many others…  But why is it that some people get the disease...

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SHRINK Your Heart Attack Risk by 35%!

If you’re not thinking about your heart health… you should be. Because without this vital organ, your golden years will be filled with doctor’s appointments… dangerous drugs… and even heart attack and stroke. Fortunately, I’ve got some good news. Heart risks don’t have to terrify you anymore. Because a breaking new study proves that one...

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[WOW] Doctor’s Secret REVERSES Aging!

Dr. Scott Olson, ND reveals his secret to reversing aging.

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grey hair

Dr. Scott’s Trick for STOPPING Gray Hair

Dr. Olson explains the science behind graying hair and the ways to prevent it.

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Want to Build Muscles? IGNORE This Advice

Scientists want you to believe that muscle building all comes down to genetics. But following their logic could be hazardous to your health.

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Delicious Drink “Cancer-Proofs” Your Genes

Have you ever wished you could edit your genes? You know, somehow find a way to dodge cancer and other diseases by simply changing the way your DNA works? Sounds like some kind of futuristic science fiction, right? But as it turns out, according to Swedish researchers, there’s an easy way for some folks to alter their genes right now. Read on to discover more.

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Study Reveals New Brain Threat Hiding in Your Kitchen

Research reveals there’s a dangerous health threat lurking in your kitchen cabinets. Find out what it is and how you can stop it.

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This Turns Back the Clocks in Your Cells

One simple strategy to “reverse aging” in the powerhouses of your cells…

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