Landscape view of a vinyard.

“Vineyard Seed” Is the SECRET to Better Aging

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Remember sitting in your high school biology class and hearing about cells? Your teacher probably taught you that they go through three stages: birth, growth, and death. But here’s the strange thing… certain cells in your body forget that last step and refuse to die. These “zombie cells” (the technical...

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Assortment of fruits and vegetables on a table.

“Table Fruit” IMPROVES Gut Health

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, I’ve seen some pretty bizarre studies come across my desk, and it’s taught me one thing: always read the fine print. You see, studies are usually sponsored by someone—after all, those microscopes and lab coats are costly! And sometimes, that sponsorship can pressure the researchers to find more “favorable results”...

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health foods

These “Health Food” Studies Are FAKE NEWS!

Dr. Scott Olson, ND explains on how to spot lies in the food industry.

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