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Mailbag! How to Prevent a Stroke

A few months ago, I had a stroke and I want to do what I can to prevent another one. What would you suggest? –Peter from Alberta, MN Peter, A stroke can be debilitating. But the great news is, forms of physical therapy have been shown to bring back most patients’ function. I say that...

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SLASH Stroke Risk in Half with This Sacred Beverage (Delicious!)

One of the saddest things I’ve witnessed in my practice is stroke.  Seeing one of my seemingly healthy patients get struck down by this terrifying disease is heart-breaking.   Suddenly, your loved one can’t speak or take care of themselves… it’s like the person you knew is gone.  But now, you can put a stop to that...

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SHED Pounds with This Cozy Beverage

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Everyone SWEARS they’ve cracked the code when it comes to losing weight. The tips range from starving yourself to running ten miles a day to eating only grapefruit during the full moon. And the thing is, far too often these are just fads that don’t do a thing to erase...

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“Green Miracle” Could Add YEARS to Your Life?!

Dear Reader,  There’s no question about it, we all want to live long, healthy lives.  And if you listen to the mainstream media, you’ll start believing that the only way to tack on a few extra years is by running marathons and eating endless plates of salad.   But the truth is, you don’t have to make...

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Power-Packed Duo DESTROYS Fatty Liver

Dear Reader, It used to be that you only had to worry about fatty liver if you had an alcohol problem. But in today’s world a staggering 80 million-plus Americans suffer with this condition. That’s because most of the foods you love eating are loaded with simple sugars. And sugars trigger fat production in your...

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“Magical Elixir” SINKS Stroke Risk 56%!

Every 37 seconds, someone in American dies from heart disease.  and more often than not, the victim is a senior. Fortunately, you or someone you love doesn’t have to be the next to suffer this fate. Because there’s something that works better than just diet and exercise. It’s a “magical elixir” that’s been keeping folks...

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Morning Drink KILLS Deadly Bacteria

There’s no doubt about it… antibiotic-resistant infections are one of the TOP threats to seniors. And the mainstream isn’t any closer to solving this deadly condition than they were when it started. But Mother Nature might be… Because new research shows there’s an all-natural compound that can DESTROY even the toughest bacteria. And it’s found...

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Magic Tea MELTS Fat

Dr. Scott Olson, ND reveals how a powerful tea can help you shed stubborn weight FAST.

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Drink THIS To Stop Diabetes & Memory Loss

Because nutrition experts have just pinpointed one delicious drink that can shield your body from the effects of even the worst diet. And the best part — it tastes great and could even help you lose weight.

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Torching Fat Just Got EASY

Researchers have just found a supplement trio that can burn fat and help you fight heart disease and diabetes at the same time. Read on to discover what it is.

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