healthy aging

Unlock the Power of “Healthspan”

Eat more vegetables! Exercise for 30 minutes daily! Get eight hours of sleep! If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times. And as a Living Well Daily reader, you already know I’m a fan of taking simple steps to improve your health. However, a patient sat in front of me the other...

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At-Home Test Predicts Your Longevity?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, These days it’s common to have a blood pressure cuff at home. They’re a great way to monitor your health and can help track the effects of your supplement and exercise routines. But another simple tool can provide even GREATER insights into your health. And most folks have never heard...

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MAILBAG! 3 Secrets to a Long Healthy Life

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, What do you think are the top 3 things one can do to live a long life? –Mary from Milford, CT Hi Mary, Thanks for your excellent question! When you asked for the TOP three, it really stumped me at first. We can do so many things to live longer...

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Bacterium under a microscope.

Easy Steps to Clear Out Harmful “Zombie Cells” (FAST)

Dear Living Well Daily Readers, I think it’s fair to say, our bodies can be downright marvelous… as well as strange! Millions of cells in your body are going through the cycle of being born, living out their lives, and then dying to then be replaced by  new healthy cells. But this process gets halted...

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