heart disease

How Diet Trends TRIGGER This Disease Risk

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, It happens to all of us. You hear about an exciting new diet, and you’re ALL IN! You follow the diet perfectly and lose some weight. But then you lose your motivation. Or something kicks you off your plan, like a vacation or family event. Suddenly you’re back to eating...

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WARNING: Heart Disease and Diabetes Popping Up Post COVID-19

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, A recent report by insurance companies is raising some alarm bells. The disturbing conclusion is death rates are sharply rising. More people have died in the last few years than expected… a LOT MORE. And the troubling trend shows no clear signs of slowing down. Most puzzling of all? These...

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“Magic Potion” REDUCES Heart Disease Risk!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, If you’ve got grandkids, you probably at some point watched one of the Harry Potter movies. In this magical world of wizards, they have a spell or potion for just about anything you can think of! If only it were that easy when it comes to taking care of your...

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The Heart Attack WARNING SIGN You Need to Know

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, There’s a lot of things you can prepare for in life. You can stock up on extra toilet paper (as we definitely learned in the pandemic!), make sure you keep the oil changed in your car, and buy life insurance… But when it comes to a heart attack, it can...

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Nighttime Habit Makes You Fatter?! (Shocking)

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, There are a lot of reasons to hate belly fat. Researchers call this type of fat “visceral fat,” and it’s been linked to metabolic diseases and increased risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In women, visceral fat is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and gallbladder...

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Coffee Compound LOWERS Cholesterol

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, I’m on a personal mission to rescue coffee from the hands of the nutritional puritans who think that anything fun is not good for you. Despite what the mainstream would have you believe, the news on coffee has improved in recent years. Researchers have pinpointed many powerful plant nutrients, like...

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Mailbag! How to Conquer Heart Failure

My doctor told me today that I have heart failure. Is there a way to recover from such a grim diagnosis? –Janice from Rocky Mount, NC Janice, While it’s hard to hear a diagnosis of heart failure, the good news is that it’s typically a slow-moving disease. And thankfully, there’s a lot folks can do...

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Diabetes Patients: Nutrient Lack INCREASES Heart Disease Death 40%

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Diabetes patients often have to navigate a minefield of potential health problems. One of these many hazards is heart disease. You see, heart disease and poor blood sugar control go hand in hand. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that if you have diabetes, you’re TWICE...

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Mainstream Drug Causes Heart Disease and Cancer!?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, We’ve all grown far too used to side effects of mainstream medicine. To be frank, we basically expect them! Headaches… nausea… sleeplessness… It all comes with the territory when you’re prescribed more of Big Pharma’s quick fixes. But what happens when the “side effects” are heart disease and cancer? Unfortunately,...

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Common Condition SKYROCKETS Heart Disease

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, If you’re like most of my patients (and mainstream doctors!), you probably think avoiding heart disease is hard. You’ll have to give up pizza and burgers… spend hours on the treadmill… and never touch sugar again. But what if I told you don’t have to make that those dramatic changes...

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