ERASE Chronic Fatigue with This Stunning New Treatment

Dear Living Well Daily Reader,

If you’re scratching your head and wondering what to do about chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), then you’re not alone.

While there can be a lot of pain associated with CFS, it’s the overwhelming exhaustion that people struggle with the most.

You’ve probably tried extra-strength coffee, energy drinks, and all sorts of tricks… but these only give you a temporary boost at best.

What if I told you that there is a non-drug solution to get you back on your feet?

This stunning new treatment could ERASE chronic fatigue… and will have you feeling fresh as a daisy in no time!

I’m talking about vagus nerve stimulation.

You may have heard of the vagus nerve. This all-important nerve runs from your brain, down your neck, and into your heart, stomach, and chest. The vagus nerve controls things like breathing, heart rate, digestion and more.

In fact, researchers have found connections between the vagus nerve and depression, inflammation, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease.

And now, a new study shows that stimulating the vagus nerve can BANISH fatigue.

The researchers in this study used 40 Air Force volunteers and had them stay awake for 34 hours.

Half of the group was given a gammaCore Sapphire, a simple electrical device the participants could place against their neck to administer cervical vagus nerve stimulation (cVNS). The other half were given a placebo device that mimicked the treatment.

Then, the research team measured the volunteers’ fatigue with brain tests.

While vagus nerve stimulation didn’t banish all types of fatigue, most fatigue SIGNIFICANTLY improved after using the device. The volunteers who used the gammaCore Sapphire reported feeling much more awake than those that didn’t use it.

Vagus stimulation is a good treatment option, but until it’s available to everyone, there’s a much easier place to start.

Dr. Scott’s Anti-Fatigue Program

  • Start with diet. Many people notice that food allergies can worsen CFS symptoms. Try a diet that eliminates milk, wheat, eggs, citrus, alcohol, chocolate, and coffee and see how it works for you.
  • Exercise. Even though exercise can be difficult for many CFS patients, studies show that exercise can improve pain, discomfort, and fatigue.
  • Nutrients. Many patients with CFS struggle with getting enough nutrients, especially B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, L-tryptophan, coenzyme Q10, and essential fatty acids and others. Work with an integrative doctor to find out which deficiencies you may have.
  • L-carnitine. This amino acid is required for cellular energy production and has been shown to be helpful at reducing fatigue.
  • Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). This compound helps in energy production in the cells of the body. It has been shown to help reduce fatigue and overall quality of life.

P.S. Feeling more tired than usual, but you don’t have CFS? It might be your mood. Click here to learn about an easy food swap that can BOOST your mood and your energy.



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Dr. Scott Olson, ND

Written By Dr. Scott Olson, ND

Nearly 25 years ago, failed mainstream medical treatments left Dr. Olson in constant pain – and his health in ruins. And that’s when he did something REVOLUTIONARY. He began his career in medicine – and dedicated his life to uncovering the true, underlying causes of disease.
Through his innovative medical practices in Tennessee and Colorado, Dr. Olson has helped cure countless seniors from across America of arthritis… heart disease… diabetes… and even cancer. All without risky prescription drugs or painful surgeries.

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