Chinese Root Plant Keeps Your Bones Strong

When you think about having strong bones I guarantee there’s one thing that comes to mind… and it’s because the mainstream has drilled it into us REPEATEDLY.   Calcium! Calcium! Calcium! They chant.  Well, honestly, I’m sick and tired of hearing about calcium.   Because the truth is there’s NO animal on earth that consumes as much calcium as we do!   Yet we still have some of the weakest bones…  It’s true,...

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“Root Plant” ELIMINATES Viruses and Bacteria [BREAKING]

Dear Reader,  It starts with some sniffles. But before you know it you’ve got a cough and congestion that leave you feeling downright miserable.  Worse yet, your mainstream doc will tell you that there is nothing you can do to get rid of a viral infection like the common cold.   And when it comes to more dangerous illnesses (like the flu), he’ll just...

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This Cancer Treatment FAILS 97% of the Time

Dr. Scott Olson, ND explains why chemotherapy is more ineffective than you might think and provides alternative treatments.

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cancer drugs

The Shocking TRUTH About New Cancer Drugs

Dr. Scott Olson, ND explains why the latest cancer drugs aren’t doing what they should for you and the natural alternatives that CAN work.

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Throw This Cancer “Research” in the Trash

A new study is trying to scare patients away from alternative cancer treatments. But there are some things about this research you weren’t supposed to know.

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Popular Herb Reverses Alzheimer's?!?

You may already know ginseng is good for your heart and your blood sugar. But did you know that ginseng could be the next great breakthrough in Alzheimer's treatment? Read on to discover how this hardworking herb can stop Alzheimer's at its source.

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