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Symptom Discovered in 70% of Ovarian Cancer Patients

  Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Ovarian cancer is often referred to as a “silent disease.” We’ve heard for decades that there’s no way to know if you have this horrible cancer. But now, it appears, that simply isn’t true. A group of researchers identified that 70 percent of patients reported this symptom before being...

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Mailbag! RELIEF for Annoying Night Sweats

I get night sweats so bad I have to get up and change my clothes and sheets, not just once but two to three times a night. Do you have any advice for this? –Petra from Boise, ID Petra, There are two main types of night sweats: hormonal and non-hormonal. Hormonal night sweats are caused...

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Prostate Cancer “Treatment” QUADRUPLES Death Risk

If you’re a guy, you never want to hear the words prostate cancer.  Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer found in men, with over 191 THOUSAND new cases annually.   But worse yet, the scariest part isn’t even just the cancer itself – it’s mainstream medicine’s treatments for your cancer.  And while this prostate cancer “treatment” has a nice, pleasant-sounding name — ADT or Androgen...

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Attention Men! Low T is RUINING Your Health

Dr. Scott Olson, ND reveals how low testosterone can ruin your health.

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“Elephant Secret” DESTROYS Cancer

But scientists have discovered that they have more to offer us than a smile or mood boost. You see, inside every elephant’s body is the key to DESTROYING cancer before it starts. In fact, this secret weapon can stop cancer BEFORE it starts… and you can harness its powers, too. Let me show you. Elephant...

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Why Your Body NEEDS Sleep

Getting good sleep is a BIG deal. Proper rest is essential for your body and mind to fire on all cylinders. But when you don’t get the ZZZs you need, it can really throw your health out of whack. And the mainstream’s risky meds won’t help you. In fact, they can make your sleep problems...

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Are You Eating the WRONG Type of Salt?

The government has been spewing bad nutritional advice for years. They’ve told us to stay away from brain-protective eggs and heart-boosting butter… and they’ve even told us to eat MORE cancer-causing carbs. But that’s not the worst of it. They’ve told you that eating salt is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. Well, I’m here to tell you this...

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Is Organic Turkey Healthier?

Should you pay more for organic turkey this Thanksgiving?

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When Natural Isn’t

A couple of months back, we asked you what was most frustrating or confusing about reading food labels when grocery shopping. And for the majority of you, there was a clear consensus.

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