Super Antioxidant Destroys Liver Disease

Avoiding liver disease is easy. You just don’t drink, right? Wrong. There’s another threat to your liver, and there’s a great chance it’s in your kitchen right now. Fortunately, groundbreaking research has uncovered a powerful antioxidant that can shield your liver. Read on to discover more.

Seasoning Scapegoat Is Falsely Blamed for Immune Issues

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, A sprinkle of THIS. A dash of THAT. If you like to cook, chances are you love seasoning your dishes to bring out their best flavors. But a study published last year has a lot of folks questioning how they’re preparing their food. Because according to the researchers, no matter...

[ALERT] Persistent Aspirin Myth Can KILL

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Honestly, I thought we’d already put this issue to bed. After all, the evidence is in. We KNOW that taking a daily aspirin is a bad idea. But the headlines just keep coming anyway… “Aspirin Reduces Breast Cancer by 20 percent!” “Aspirin Cuts Heart Attack Risk!” With incredible claims like...

Pump the Brakes on Brain Aging in 15 Minutes Flat

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, I’m going to give it to you straight. Aging is tough on your whole body. Your joints… heart… and even your youthful skin all begin to show the effects of the passage of time. But aging takes the biggest toll on your brain. Because as the years go by, you...

Delicious Diet Secret Drives Down Blood Pressure

Dear Living Well Daily Reader,  Every 90 seconds. That’s how often another woman in the United States has a heart attack. Because the reality is heart attacks don’t just happen to men. Nearly one out of two adults in the United States has high blood pressure. And heart disease is one of the biggest health risks...

Lose That Sweet Tooth With This Mineral Trick

Want to stabilize your blood sugar and fight sugar cravings at the same time? Good news: there’s a powerful mineral that can help you do both. Read on to discover more.

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Mailbag! One Hot Way to Fight Dementia

Finnish scientists discover a hot new way to lower your risk of dementia. Read on to discover more.

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ERASE Wrinkles for Just Cents a Day

Want to make wrinkles vanish for just pennies a day? Then read on. A new study shows an all-natural compound can stop wrinkles from the inside out.

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The Best Source of Antioxidants Revealed?

Are you taking antioxidants but not sure you’re getting them from the best source? Then you need to read on. Discover what could be the world's best source of antioxidants today!

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The Siberian Secret to Beating Cancer

Cancer prevention doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, something as simple and beautiful as a flower could be all you need to fight cancer. Discover what this amazing plant can do for your health.

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Sleep Like A Baby With This “Emperor’s Secret”

What does the father of modern Europe know about sleep? A lot, as it turns out. Read on to discover Charlemagne’s sleep secret.

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Mailbag! Common Painkillers Increase Cancer Death by 66%

New research shows NSAID pain relievers are more dangerous than you thought. Read on to discover the latest deadly threat they’re linked to.

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Fight Heart Failure With This FREE Vitamin

Protecting your heart has never been easier or cheaper. Find out how a powerful and free vitamin can keep your ticker going. Read on to discover more about this heart-healthy nutrient.

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This Sugar Makes You Skinny?

Want to have your sweets this holiday season and skip the extra pounds? You’re in luck. New science shows one sweetener can actually help you lose weight. Read on to discover more…

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Grow Your This Cholesterol Crusher in Your Kitchen

A recent study reveals a tastier, better way to get your greens and fight cholesterol at the same time. Read on to discover more.

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Blood Pressure Breakthrough Grows in Your Garden

New science shows a common flower could protect your heart better than one of Big Pharma’s leading blood pressure drugs. Read on to discover more.

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Mailbag! Stop Taking Calcium Until You Read This

Ever wonder what that calcium supplement is really doing to your health? Hint: It’s not just affecting your bones. Read on to discover what calcium could be doing to your brain.

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Natural Remedy Runs CIRCLES Around Pain Drugs

Knee pain can really slow you down. But there’s good news: A recent study shows that an all-natural remedy can outperform a leading arthritis drug and keep your joints loose and healthy. Discover more…

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Live 50% Longer… Even With the Deadliest Cancers?!?

Fighting cancer has never been so easy. Discover how a specific combination of diet and supplementation can stop cancer even after it’s started.

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Fight Deadly Diseases for Peanuts a Day!

Want to fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes and premature death while enjoying a tasty snack at the same time? Then you’re in luck. Tune in today to find out what snack time staple can really boost your health.

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