From the Mailbag: Dirty Laundry and Filthy Vegetables

It’s not always easy to know what cleaning practices are best for your health. Today, Living Well Daily will answer two important reader questions about laundry and produce washing and supply you with a few helpful tips for living well.

QR Codes and GMOs: The State of the Dark Act

The DARK Act has made its way to President Obama’s desk and may get approved. Find out what this means for consumers and a few ways to get the president’s attention on this matter.

U.S. Government Bankrolls Dementia Vaccine

A U.S.-funded vaccine maybe the dementia treatment of the future. However, with years of human trials ahead, it won’t do much for those trying to prevent this debilitating disease now. Find out what can help you today in the fight against Alzheimer's and dementia.

Study: Rats, Cheese, and Cancer

Pass the cheese, please! New research finds a compound in this common food to be a powerful cancer and superbug fighter. Find out more…

One Dead Body and Countless Injuries: Beware of the New Pokémon GO App

Pokémon GO has spurred healthy activity, injuries, and new criminal activity. Join us today to find out what’s up with this new app. Plus, we will share one sure way to keep yourself safe whether you’re gaming or just living.

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From the Mailbag: Crystal Light and GMO Salmon

These days, it’s hard to get a straight answer when it comes to your health questions. Today, Living Well Daily will answer two important reader questions and supply you with a few helpful tips for living well.

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These Common Drugs Are Robbing Your Memory

The everyday prescriptions clogging up your cabinets may be also robbing your memory? Find out if you or your loved one is taking one of these memory thieves today!

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This Type of Bug Is In Your Bed [Photo]

You may be sharing your bed with uninvited guests. And they could be making you very sick. Find out how to reclaim your bed from them and improve your health with a few helpful tips.

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The One Place to Never Go in July

Studies show July to be the deadliest month for folks in the hospital. Find out why you should avoid it and what to do if you end up there… it might save your life.

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Advice From FDA Could Give You Alzheimer’s

Once again, the FDA is caught spewing bad, outdated health advice that could actually increase your risk of memory loss.

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Latest E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Unusual Source

Yet another foodborne illness is sweeping the country. And this time, it’s from an unsuspected source. Join us today to find out how to protect yourself and your family from this potentially fatal source.

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Mosquito Season: Why Bug Spray Can Melt Plastic

With the Zika crisis upon us, it’s important to keep yourself protected. Find the best way to keep mosquitoes at bay without intense chemical exposure.

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FDA Botches Diabetes Medication Warning

FDA warnings about two diabetes medications come too late for some folks. Find out what they FDA missed and how it could be affecting you or someone you love.

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Study Reveals Major Health Threat in Your Home

This week, the International Energy Agency reported that air pollution is responsible for 6.5 million premature deaths every year. Today, Living Well Daily will explain how air pollution is making you sick. Plus, we will introduce you to a product that can help you in the fight for healthy air.

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Check Your Cabinets For This Type of Cereal

Natural doesn’t always mean healthy. Find out more about the dirty little secret hiding in one of America’s most popular cereals. Plus, we will share one easy way to decipher nutrition labels without confusion.

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Three “Foods” You Should Never Feed Your Pet

Treats are one of the best ways to connect and bond with our pets. However, some treats are loaded with toxic ingredients. Today, Living Well Daily will reveal what some of these “foods” are doing to your pet and offer a healthy solution.

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AMA Warns Against This Type of Lighting

New street lighting may come with serious health consequences. Find out if your community is already facing them and a few easy ways to protect yourself.

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WARNING: This Common Food Is Riddled With Poison

Seafood is a great source of a nutrient vital for health. However, it can also contain a deadly heavy metal. Find out more about the only way to get this nutrient without the risk of being poisoned today!

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Warning: Texas Authorities Threaten Food Liberties, Part 2

Today, Judith McGeary of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance joins Living Well Daily again to tell you how to protect yourself from aggressive health inspectors and keep your local food system intact. Find out more…

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This Type of Music May Make You Happy (Even if You Aren't)

If you often find yourself listening to sad playlist, you’ll want to read this. Science says this may be the key to your happiness. Find out more…

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