How Hypothyroidism Can Be Misdiagnosed

Millions of people are diagnosed with hypothyroidism each year. And most of them have to take medication for years, if not the rest of their life. But there is a simple mineral deficiency that mimics a lot of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. It’s a lot easier to correct, and you won’t need to take medication if that’s actually what’s causing your hypothyroidism symptoms.

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Acid-Blocking Drugs Now Linked to THIS Disease!

Heartburn can be terribly uncomfortable. That feeling of tightness and burning in your chest is miserable! And being told you have to give up your favorite foods to find relief doesn’t make anything better either. Now, when your heartburn strikes, you might be tempted to reach for acid-blocking medicine. And who could blame you? But...

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Mailbag! Try THIS for Embarrassing Bloating and Gas

I suffer from constant bloating. No matter how little I eat, I feel as stuffed as if I just had Thanksgiving dinner. What should I do? –Pearl from Lancaster, PA Bloating most often happens when the microorganisms in the gut have a meal. As the collection of bacteria and other organisms eat, they produce gas…...

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[UNCOVERED] This Silent Threat Is KILLING Seniors

Most of you readers are already pretty good about taking care of yourselves. You recognize when something’s wrong and you pay attention to it. Whether it’s that ache in your back, or you’re feeling tired more often… you do the same thing: seek out a solution. Sometimes, however, the problem is subtler than that… and...

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INDULGE Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure?! (Yum)

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Trying to get the perfect blood pressure can really wear you down. The never-ending hours on the treadmill… the risky drugs from your mainstream doc… And what does it get you? Some barely-moved numbers and a long list of side effects. Plus, all the stress of managing it just ends...

Just How Messed up Is Our Medical System?

Just how messed up is our medical system? You won’t believe how many people die from FDA-approved drugs.

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Two Big Testosterone Dangers

One of them might be a threat, and the other is a complete fraud…

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Would You Take Steroids? Your Answers Are In...

How many of your fellow readers would already take testosterone? The results might surprise you…

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Taking a Statin? Read This Now

If you take a statin you absolutely must make sure you have adequate levels of this vitamin.

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Would You Take Steroids?

It may be one of the biggest modern health trends, as thousands of men jump on the bandwagon

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Is This Food Causing Your Joint Pain?

Are certain foods causing your joint pain? Here’s an easy way to find out.

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Strengthens Your Body at Any Age

How my mother inspires me to be healthier, and what she’s doing to feel 20 years younger without traditional exercise

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How to Ruin Your Body by Lifting Weights

How lifting weights can go wrong, and cause your body more damage than health.

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7 Natural Ways to Reduce Allergies

If springtime allergies have you trapped indoors, try one of these 7 natural ways to get some relief.

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This Turns Back the Clocks in Your Cells

One simple strategy to “reverse aging” in the powerhouses of your cells…

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Have heartburn? You may need more stomach acid

Suffer from heartburn, indigestion, or acid reflux? You may actually need more stomach acid, not less.

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My Horrible Gut Pain -- Part 2

The mystery is solved: Nate reveals what was causing his horrible gut pain, and how he eliminated it naturally

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Can You Guess: Why I Had Horrible Gut Pain

What happens when Living Well Daily editor Nate Rifkin starts feeling horrible abdominal pain, and he can’t figure out why…

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Grocery Stores Fear This

Where are people spending their money today, even if they’re strapped for cash? Not where big chain grocery stores would like…

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How Fat is Your Liver?

One in three people have fatty liver. How do you know if you have it and what can you do to prevent it? Find out here.

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