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Dual-Purpose Veggie DEFEATS High Blood Pressure and More!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Once you reach a certain age, staying healthy often feels impossible. You worry about your blood sugar… your blood pressure… keeping a strong memory… And before you know it, you’ve made yourself sick just trying to keep up with it all! But now, there’s an easier way to get a...

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Mailbag! Living with Stage 3 Kidney Disease

I’m living with stage 3 kidney disease, and I was wondering if you had suggestions for helping manage it. Currently I’m drinking six bottles of water a day to try to prevent going on dialysis like my mother and brother have had to. –Tim from Boston, MA Tim, There are two primary causes of kidney...

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Mailbag! BANISH High Blood Pressure Naturally

I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately and my health is suffering. Do you have anything you can recommend to lower stress and high blood pressure? –Ricardo from Atlanta, GA ********** Ricardo, You’re not alone – we’re all stressed out by these crazy times. And stress, as you’ve correctly noted, can have long-term consequences...

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[DISCOVERED] “Z” Solution SINKS Blood Pressure!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Some of the most amazing things we have in our modern world were found by accident. The ideas for penicillin, microwave ovens, x-rays, Velcro, Teflon, and even sticky-notes all came about because the inventors were looking for answers to another solution. And now there’s another amazing discovery to add to...

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Mailbag! Tired of High Blood Pressure Meds? Try THIS!

I was wondering if you could give some advice about how to lower blood pressure naturally. I hate the side effects of my medication and would like to try something else. –Norman from Rochester, NY Norman, Many people rightfully complain about the side effects of blood pressure medications. Whether it’s a persistent cough, muscle pain,...

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These 5 Meds SKYROCKET Your Blood Pressure!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, I don’t have to tell you how important healthy blood pressure is. Uncontrolled blood pressure puts you on the fast-track to stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and many other complications you don’t want. You probably do everything right: you eat well, exercise, take the right supplements. But something could be...

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This Med CAUSES Skin Cancer?! (Scary)

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, For years, the mainstream has blamed skyrocketing cancer rates on three things: smoking… poor diet… and bad genetics. But they’ve left out one gigantic thing… Your prescription bottles. New research shows that this medicine thousands of Americans take every day could cause skin cancer. Here’s everything you need to know....

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[COVID-19] Is the Pandemic RUINING Your Blood Pressure?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, One of the things keeping me going through the pandemic craziness is knowing it HAS to end sometime. And when it does, we’ll be stronger, tougher, and more resilient. But in the meantime, it’s still important to keep fighting and staying healthy. That means defending against all possible threats… but...

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Never IGNORE Your Blood Pressure (Here’s Why)

Dear Reader,  When I told Tom his blood pressure was dangerously high, he was quick with his reply:   “I don’t believe that high blood pressure mumbo jumbo… I feel FINE.”  After all, Tom came to see me because he thought I didn’t believe in that mumbo jumbo either.   There’s a part of me that doesn’t. Drug companies make BILLIONS off of BP meds.   That’s...

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Strange Berry Solution DESTROYS High Cholesterol, Diabetes, and More!

Metabolic syndrome is a health nightmare that is destroying the lives of 30 to 40 PERCENT of Americans. It starts with poor blood sugar control, then spreads like wildfire, creating disease-causing inflammation, bad cholesterol, even messing with blood clotting! Then it spirals into weight gain, which ups your risk for heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s...

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