MAILBAG: Are Household Cleaners Harmful?

Yes, household cleaners often DO contain toxic chemicals. In fact, MOST standard cleaning products emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs.   VOCs are gasses that seep out of the cleaners and into the air in your home. And as a result, their concentrations can be up to 10 times higher indoors.    Breathing in these corrosive chemicals...

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H2O WARNING: Before Your Next Sip, Read THIS!

Hoodwinked. Duped. Conned. No matter what you call it, the bottled water industry has pulled a fast one. They’ve convinced us their products are pure, safe, and (most of all) NECESSARY. But the reality is NONE of those things are true. Because despite the fresh, colorful labels on their bottles… and claims that their contents...

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Woman picking up food from restaurant.

New Health Threat HIDING in Fast Food!?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Being an American and enjoying fast food seem to go hand in hand. Everywhere you look, there are fast food restaurants. And there’s one for every type of food you can imagine! It’s no secret that this sugar and fat-loaded food isn’t good for you, and while there’s nothing wrong...

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[Warning] A Cancer Agent Hiding in Your Home?

Dear Reader,  For years, the mainstream has blamed skyrocketing cancer rates on just three things: smoking… poor diet… and bad genetics.  But now we know that’s just another one of their HUGE LIES.  Because new research shows that a common household toxin can send your cancer risk into the stratosphere.  And IT’S EVERYWHERE.  Fortunately, there are a few...

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[Alert] Illicit Drugs Found in Seafood (GROSS!)

Dr. Scott Olson, ND reveals the best way to avoid toxic seafood.

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Discovered! Hidden Toxins in Bottled Water

For years, the bottled water industry has tried to convince you that they are selling a superior product.   Sure, they fancy it up with colorful labels… and assure you it’s the purest water on earth. But research shows that most bottled water is FAR FROM CLEAN.   Still, the FDA does nothing to shut these frauds down. ...

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[Shocking] The REAL Reason We Get Cancer

Dr. Scott Olson, ND reveals the real cause of cancer and how you can protect your health starting today.

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Check Your Cabinets For This Type of Cereal

Natural doesn’t always mean healthy. Find out more about the dirty little secret hiding in one of America’s most popular cereals. Plus, we will share one easy way to decipher nutrition labels without confusion.

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Ward off Diseases and Avoid Toxins This Summer

Summer is coming! And that means more time outside. Find out how you can protect your family from disease-carrying pests without toxins all summer long! Learn more…

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Warning: This Popular Sweet May Be Poisoning You

Sugar is the least of your worries when it comes to chocolate bars. One consumer health watchdog group has found toxins in chocolate.

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