Stevia: A Sort-of-Natural FDA Approved Sweetener

If you are in the market for stevia, stay out of the sweetener section.

Fight Coughs Without Hallucinogens This Winter

Stop wasting your money on hallucinogenic and ineffective OTC cough syrup and fight coughs naturally.

Improve Your Memory and Prevent Cancer With This Holiday Plant

Not all holiday greenery was created equal. Find out how this common holiday plant can help you improve your memory and ward off cancer.

Sweetened Drinks May Increase Risk of Heart Failure, Stroke, and Heart Attack

Studies have linked sweetened drinks to heart failure, stroke, and heart attack.

How to Beat the Flu in 48 Hours

Can you really cure a cold with berry syrup? Read on to find out…

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Weekend Sleeping Patterns Contribute to Obesity, Heart Disease, and Diabetes

Sleeping disturbance may be ruining your health.

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Prevent Holiday Bloating, Heartburn, and Acid Reflux With These Natural Remedies (and One Easy Trick)

Four easy ways to prevent holiday bloating, heartburn, and acid reflux.

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GMO Frankenfish Coming to Dinner: FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Salmon

They won’t be labelled, but there’s an easy way to avoid these GM fish

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Combat Ulcers, Cancer, and Heart Disease With This Thanksgiving Favorite

This holiday staple can help you fight ulcers, heart disease, and cancer.

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Terrorism, Violence, and Natural Disasters Are Ruining Your Health

The long reach of terrorism and daily violence affects your health.

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Is Organic Turkey Healthier?

Should you pay more for organic turkey this Thanksgiving?

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Get Poor Courtesy of the FDA and Big Pharma

Are Big Pharma and the FDA taking your money and not producing results?

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Make This Ancient Hawaiian Gut Healthy Food at Home

This ancient Hawaiian ferment is an easy way to add probiotics into your diet.

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When Natural Isn’t

A couple of months back, we asked you what was most frustrating or confusing about reading food labels when grocery shopping. And for the majority of you, there was a clear consensus.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Health at Home

5 easy tips to increase the health of your home

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“Universal” Failure: Public Health’s Answer to Prevention

The only “universal” recommendation by the American public health establishment is a giant failure.

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How to Ward off Cancer in Just 60 Seconds a Day

Easily grow your own cancer-fighting superfood

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Three Rules to Double Your Health, Fitness, and Accomplishment

Should you tell other people about your health goals? The answer is more complicated than you think…

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Challenge Yourself to Healthier Aging

Challenge yourself to ward off the negative effects of aging.

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23,000 ER Visits Linked to Dietary Supplements

Find out the most common reason for supplement-related emergency room visits, and how to stay safe when choosing supplements

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