Older people sitting and laughing.

Word Secret” REVITALIZES Your Memory

There’s a saying that just bugs me to no end: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You’re getting older, you know what you know, and you aren’t going to change. That way of thinking is outdated… and, frankly, pretty harmful to your health. But when it comes to caring for your memory, the...

man sick on couch blowing nose.

“Z Solution” Prevents AND Shortens Colds!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, My son called me yesterday and told me he had a cold. Normally I wouldn’t be happy to hear that news, but in this era of COVID, I heaved a sigh of relief when he told me that’s all he had. But my son isn’t the only one suffering –...

illustration of a virus cell.

Big Pharma FAILS Their Own COVID Test?!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, There is no better marketing team on earth than the guys that work for Big Pharma. And one of the best things that could ever happen for them is off-label prescribing. This is a type of treatment where doctors will prescribe a drug that’s normally used for one condition to...

Food on a table.

Dual-Purpose Veggie DEFEATS High Blood Pressure and More!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Once you reach a certain age, staying healthy often feels impossible. You worry about your blood sugar… your blood pressure… keeping a strong memory… And before you know it, you’ve made yourself sick just trying to keep up with it all! But now, there’s an easier way to get a...

Woman laying in bed.

Insomnia Solution HIDDEN in Your Backyard!?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. In fact, I’d go even further and say there’s almost NOTHING more vital for your health. Rest strengthens your immune system, boosts your mood, and so much more. But if you’re one of the...

Assortment of berries.

Holiday Berry to LOAD UP On (5 Reasons)

As you belly-up to the table this holiday season, you may be tempted to over-do it a bit. Want my advice? Go ahead! Now I’m not saying go on a week-long binge, but this has been a long year, and we all need to cut loose every once in a while. One or two days...

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School of fish in the sea.

“Fish Trick” DECREASES Colon Cancer Risk

Looking around the world, it’s clear that other countries approach health differently. Whether it’s respecting natural remedies, or keeping Big Pharma out of their business, there’s a lot our mainstream medical doctors could learn. And now Japan, in particular, has drawn attention for its low number of colon cancer diagnoses. In fact, it currently has...

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Family eating

Festive Treat HEALS Celiac Damage

This time of year can be very difficult for people living with food allergies. Especially if you have celiac disease. While the rest of your family and friends are munching down on anything they can get their hands on, you’re the one asking for the lengthy list of ingredients in the recipe. When your host...

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Mailbag! Get Ahead of Holiday Weight Gain

Do you have any tips for weight loss? I’m exercising and eating less, but I’m not getting the results I want. –Lori from Salt Lake City, UT It’s absolutely frustrating when you can’t lose the weight you want to lose… especially when you’re really putting in the effort! And with it being the holidays, that...

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Christmas items on a table.

“Christmas Herb” Keeps Your Brain YOUNG

It sure would be nice to keep your brain in tip-top shape as you age, wouldn’t it? That eight-pound lump of jelly in your head is a HUGELY important part of your health… not to mention your memory and your ability to take care of yourself. The problem becomes, the longer you live, the more...

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grandmother and granddaughter cooking in kitchen.

“Sugarplum Secret” BUILDS Strong Bones

It’s that special time of year, but with all of the holiday frenzy going on, it can be easy to neglect your health. If there’s one thing you want to avoid as you get older, it’s weak bones. Because breaking a hip isn’t just painful… it can also be DEADLY. In fact, one-third of seniors who...

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Man smiling and sitting in kitchen.

“AM Beverage” SAVES Your Liver

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, People tell me all the time that they worry about their heart or their brain… but I’ve almost never had someone say they’re worried about their liver. Considering your liver performs more than 500 roles in your body, however, you’d think folks would be more concerned! Clearly you want to...

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Person taking out medicine

Epilepsy Meds INCREASE Deadly Disease Risk?!

Folks with epilepsy have it hard enough already. Not only do you have to worry about the chance of a seizure, but you also struggle with the psychological toll of the disease… which can be substantial. And then there are the social consequences – not being able to drive, having trouble finding a job –...

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Two women talking.

1-Step Solution ELIMINATES the “Jitters”

My patient Mindy sat in my office. She’d come in because she was feeling anxious and jittery all the time. “It’s like butterflies are living in my stomach,” she said. I reassured her that people who are NOT anxious are the ones I’m worried about. The world is a scary place, and it often feels...

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Older woman doing dishes.

SLASH Your Dementia Risk with Housework?

If you’re like most seniors I treat, you’ll do just about ANYTHING to keep your memory in tip-top condition. That’s why so many of my patients go to extremes to be at their peak. Especially when it comes to preserving their memory and living long, fruitful lives. They never stop exercising… they watch everything they eat… and they...

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Mailbag! Your CBD Questions ANSWERED

What CBD would you recommend? I’ve read lots about the benefits and I’d love to get started. –Roberta from College Park, MD Hi Roberta, CBD (or cannabidiol) is an extract from the cannabis plant (marijuana) that doesn’t get you high. And, yes, the health benefits are amazing! Here’s what some research is showing CBD can...

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Pharmacy tech looking at shelf of medicine.

[COVID-19] Amino Acid Treatment on the Horizon?

Despite how well you try to keep your distance – and regardless of vaccination status – people are STILL getting COVID-19. Part of it is thanks to the constantly-evolving variants, as well as the colder weather and the holidays. When folks start to socialize indoors again, the virus cases go on the rise. And while...

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Huntington's Disease

Vitamin Duo Provides HOPE for Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s disease is a rare nerve disease that affects the lives of thousands of Americans each year. This genetic disorder can lead to loss of control of movement, sleeplessness, depression, and dementia. What’s even more tragic? While the symptoms set in for folks in the prime of their lives – their 30s and 40s –...

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Woman Stretching in bed.

REVEALED: The “Golden Secret” to Better Sleep

If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, you’ve probably tried everything… including those over-the-counter drugs at the pharmacy. Sure, those things work GREAT… for a day or two. While you may have closed your eyes for a full eight hours, you wake up still not rested. And some of those drugs can leave...

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illustration highlighting colon.

This Surprising Vitamin Cuts Colon Cancer Risk IN HALF

When my patient Harold came to see me about colon cancer worries, it wasn’t because he wanted to. It’s because his wife forced him. You see, Harold didn’t have cancer yet, but his two brothers died of colon cancer and his wife was (rightfully) concerned. And when he’d gone to his mainstream doctor, he just...

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