[Warning] This “Health Food” is Making You Fat

Canadian researchers have just found that artificial sweeteners can really make you pack on the pounds and can even set you up for some of the most deadly disease around.

Magic Mineral Stops Heart Disease

British researchers have recently discovered that low levels of a certain mineral can put you on the fast track to some serious heart problems.

Here’s Why You Can’t Lower Your Blood Pressure

British researchers have found that folks who don’t get enough of a certain nutrient in their diet could face serious blood pressure problems.

Cheat Death With This Powerful Drink

An international team of researchers has just found drinking a certain amount of coffee could extend your life.

Mailbag! Superfood SLOWS Prostate Cancer

California researchers have just discovered that a certain superfood slows prostate cancer to a halt without any life-changing side effects.

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Tasty Trick Slashes Dementia Risk 23%

According to a brand-new study out of Japan, eating certain tangy fruits every day can help slash your risk of Alzheimer's and dementia.

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Weird Trick ERASES Sunburn Pain

Scientists have just discovered a dead-simple way to send even the worst sunburn pain packing.

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Holy Bible Fruit DESTROYS Cancer!

A new study confirms that a sacred fruit straight from the Holy Bible may be the next MAJOR cancer breakthrough.

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Alert! Pain Drugs KILLING Heart Patients?!?

Canadian researchers have recently found that certain pain meds can send your risk of dying from heart problems through the roof.

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NEVER Take Aspirin Again! Here’s Why…

If you’re taking aspirin, you need to read this. New research shows that taking aspirin ups the risk of fatal bleeding FIVE TIMES for certain folks. Read on to discover more.

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Mailbag! Power Supplement STOPS Depression and Alzheimer’s

Discover how an all-natural power supplement can help shield your brain from both depression and Alzheimer's by boosting special chemicals in the brain.

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Breakthrough! Miracle Foods Stop Diabetes

Dutch researchers have found that a special type of nutrient found in some of you favorite foods can stop Type 2 diabetes in its tracks.

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Weird Food FORCES Your Body to Sleep

Researchers from Taipei Medical University have found a simple, natural way to get a good night’s sleep. Read on to discover how.

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Drop 16 Pounds WITHOUT Diet and Exercise?!?

Researchers from Hong Kong have found a risk-free way to get real weight loss results and it doesn’t require a gym membership or strict dieting.

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Pilot’s Secret ERASES Dry Eye

Italian researchers just found an all-natural way to help soothe your dry eyes without eye drops and it works in as little as four weeks. Read on to discover what it is.

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Popular Stomach Meds KILLING Americans

Researchers from Missouri have just discovered that a certain type of dangerous heartburn drugs can greatly up your risk of death. Read on to discover what it is.

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Mailbag! Memory Breakthrough for Seniors

New research out of Italy shows that there’s one dessert you should be eating every day if you want to keep a healthy brain. Read on to discover what it is.

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Kick Depression in 2 Weeks?!?

Being on an antidepressant can make you feel like you’re going through life on a half-charged battery — everything you do takes twice as much energy and time. Fortunately, researchers from the University of Vermont have just found that a powerful mineral can help you fight depression quickly and without any side effects.

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Revealed! Founding Fathers’ Prostate Cancer Secret

If you really want to celebrate the Fourth of July properly, you should do so with a cup of coffee. You see, many of our Founding Fathers conducted business and etched out the plan for our independence while sipping on a cup of joe in an 18th-century coffeehouse. And while they were busy changing history, they were also changing their health. Because a recent study shows that men who drink coffee can slash their risk of prostate cancer in HALF!

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WEIRD Mushroom Clears Clogged Arteries!

Researchers from Tufts University have just discovered that a powerful mushroom can protect you from three of today’s top killers — weight gain, arterial disease and heart problems.

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