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Mailbag! 6 Ways to Relieve Spinal Pain

I have degenerative disc disease, and I was wondering if you could tell me some ways to make it easier. –Pamela from Albuquerque, NM Pamela, As I’m sure you already know, degenerative disc disease happens when the discs between the spine’s vertebrae shrink. This tightness makes it difficult for the nerves that travel through the...

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Mailbag! STOP Annoying Bladder Problems the Natural Way

My doctor diagnosed me with interstitial cystitis a few months ago, and I was hoping you could suggest something to make my symptoms easier to deal with. –Leslie from Kansas City, MO Leslie, Interstitial cystitis is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the bladder. About five percent of women suffer from it. Scientists point to...

Antibiotics Causing Painful Stomach Problems? Try This.

Dear Living Well Daily Readers, Are you one of those folks who gets stomach problems every time you take an antibiotic? If so, you’re not alone. Whether it’s stomachaches, nausea, gas, or diarrhea dealing with painful stomach issues can make you feel even more sick as you’re trying to get better! Now, scientists are getting...

[LADIES] REDUCE Gout Risk 75% with This “Prudent” Secret

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, If you’re a senior woman concerned about gout, you’re not alone. Gout affects 9.2 million Americans each year and women are a large percentage of this statistic. Unfortunately, the mainstream has NOTHING that’s going to help you in any real way. Sure, they can give you drugs to calm inflammation,...

Fight Muscle Loss… in 3 Seconds a Day!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Long-time readers know that I believe in keeping your muscles strong as you age. After all, sarcopenia (muscle loss) is a very real threat to seniors. And the reality is, your muscles are vital to your overall health. From maintaining your brain, keeping you mobile, and avoiding falls, you have...

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Mexican Gourd LOWERS Blood Sugar Spikes 35%

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you’ve probably heard the same one-sided story. Sitting in your mainstream doctor’s office and listening to him tell you the “diabetes reality”, you’d think there’s only ONE way to get control of your blood sugar… Taking risky drugs full of awful side effects. But,...

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Mailbag! Feeling Exhausted? This May Be Why.

I’m worried about my husband’s lack of energy. Do you have any tips? –Georgia from Long Island, NY Georgia, Everyone feels run down and tired every now and then. But when you’re constantly exhausted, it’s time to look at why it could be happening. The list of things that may result in fatigue and energy...

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Symptom Discovered in 70% of Ovarian Cancer Patients

  Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Ovarian cancer is often referred to as a “silent disease.” We’ve heard for decades that there’s no way to know if you have this horrible cancer. But now, it appears, that simply isn’t true. A group of researchers identified that 70 percent of patients reported this symptom before being...

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family mother, grandmother and children paint eggs for holiday

Easter Favorite SHEDS Pounds!?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Happy Easter! There are so many things to love about this spring holiday. If you’re like most Americans, you’ll probably celebrate by dyeing and hiding eggs, baking a delicious ham with all the fixings, or indulging in Easter basket candy. But did you know that one of these Easter favorites...

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Ticking Time Bomb FOUND in Seniors’ Cells

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Getting older is both a blessing and a curse. You can be happy for all that you have seen, done, and accomplished in your life. But entering your golden years also comes with more aches, pains… and sometimes even chronic disease. Now, research out of the University of Colorado suggests...

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packed food in plastic.

Hidden Plastics Could INCREASE This Disease Risk

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, You cannot escape plastics in our modern world. They’re used for nearly everything! But just because plastics are useful, doesn’t mean we should use them for everything in our lives. Case in point: plastics cause problems when they contact our food. We’ve known for a long time that when plastic-associated...

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“Dynamic Defense” Could Speed Up COVID Recovery [STUDY]

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, The word on the street is that we’re all going to get COVID-19 at some point. I don’t think that’s a good idea to adhere to… and it’s definitely not a reason to throw up your hands and give up trying to avoid the infection. Many people who’ve already had...

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Mailbag! Living with Piriformis Pain? Try This Solution!

I spend a lot of time in pain, mostly thanks to my piriformis muscle. What exercises or supplements can you recommend? –Johnny from Moab, UT   Johnny, That dang piriformis muscle! It sure can cause a lot of pain. Piriformis syndrome occurs when the piriformis muscle – which connects the sacrum to the top of...

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Woman lying in bed awake.

Mystery Health Condition CAUSING Insomnia

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, How utterly miserable is insomnia?! You get all tucked in to your cozy bed, turn off the light, and then, without an invitation… insomnia shows up and makes sleep IMPOSSIBLE. If you’ve struggled with insomnia at all, you’ve probably tried a long list of remedies. From over-the-counter sleep aids to...

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5 Easy Mood-Boosters to Get You Into the “Swing of Spring”

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Happiness may be one of the harder things to find in the midst of a crazy world like ours. And a long winter certainly didn’t make things easier! But just because a good mood might feel difficult to find, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, scientists have done SCADS of...

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This Drug-Free Solution Sends Anxiety Packing

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, There is a plague of anxiety sweeping the nation. And who could blame us? Anyone with half a brain SHOULD feel anxious about the state of the world. But just like any other epidemic, just because something is going around doesn’t mean you should accept it. More importantly, having anxiety...

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Scientific Illustration of a virus cell.

Potential COVID-19 Treatment Interacts with THIS Popular Drug

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Have you heard of the new anti-viral drug that is supposed to put a stop to COVID? The drug, called ritonavir-nirmatrelvir (Paxlovid), is all over the news… and people are clamoring to get it when they or a loved one are struggling with a COVID-19 infection. Things have been moving...

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This Condition More Than DOUBLES Your Risk of Dementia

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, When it comes to fighting dementia, it can feel like the world is against you. There’s pollution in the air, toxins in your food, and pills that can steal your memory. And now, there’s yet another startling health concern that could cause dementia. Researchers have found that this condition could...

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Mailbag! DO THIS to Get a Strong Memory

What are your tips for keeping a strong memory? –Sandra from Tulsa, OK Sandra, Keeping our memories as we age is not that hard, but we do have to work at it. There are a few things folks can do to put those worries at bay. First, you want to make sure to keep busy....

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Landscape view of a vinyard.

“Vineyard Seed” Is the SECRET to Better Aging

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Remember sitting in your high school biology class and hearing about cells? Your teacher probably taught you that they go through three stages: birth, growth, and death. But here’s the strange thing… certain cells in your body forget that last step and refuse to die. These “zombie cells” (the technical...

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