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Mind-robbing Disease DOUBLES Death Risk! (Men)

Something is stealing the lives of men. Before our very eyes, our fathers, brothers, and friends are being snatched away at an alarming rate. And the cause is so dark, no one will talk about it. But today, I’m going to shed some light on the subject. Researchers have found that if you’re a senior...

man sick on couch blowing nose.

“Z Solution” Prevents AND Shortens Colds!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, My son called me yesterday and told me he had a cold. Normally I wouldn’t be happy to hear that news, but in this era of COVID, I heaved a sigh of relief when he told me that’s all he had. But my son isn’t the only one suffering –...

illustration of a virus cell.

Big Pharma FAILS Their Own COVID Test?!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, There is no better marketing team on earth than the guys that work for Big Pharma. And one of the best things that could ever happen for them is off-label prescribing. This is a type of treatment where doctors will prescribe a drug that’s normally used for one condition to...

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Dual-Purpose Veggie DEFEATS High Blood Pressure and More!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Once you reach a certain age, staying healthy often feels impossible. You worry about your blood sugar… your blood pressure… keeping a strong memory… And before you know it, you’ve made yourself sick just trying to keep up with it all! But now, there’s an easier way to get a...

Woman laying in bed.

Insomnia Solution HIDDEN in Your Backyard!?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. In fact, I’d go even further and say there’s almost NOTHING more vital for your health. Rest strengthens your immune system, boosts your mood, and so much more. But if you’re one of the...

Pharmacist looking at a shelf.

Popular Mainstream Treatment Linked to Colon Cancer!?

When it comes to preventing colon cancer, your mainstream doc will give you all sorts of dietary suggestions. Mostly, they’ll tell you to give up some of your favorite things, like red meat, dessert, and alcohol. But here’s what they won’t tell you: Something THEY give you increases your risk of this deadly disease! That’s...

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Assortment of different food.

The REAL “Skinny” on Saturated Fat (Shocking)

Oh, mainstream medicine… will it ever get anything right? Again, they’re trotting out the tired old line, FAT IS BAD FOR YOU! But this latest mistake, however, is truly embarrassing. Because, as always, there’s MORE to the story. Don’t worry—I’m going to give you “the skinny” on fat… and tell you exactly what the mainstream...

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Female patient in office.

Is This Drug Ruining Your Memory? (Ladies Only!)

For years, research studies have been done on populations that have nothing to do with the people who are going to take the drugs. For example, they might test a drug for seniors on a group of college kids… So of course the results aren’t going to be the same! And all of this inconclusive...

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Woman holding head in discomfort.

“Fork Trick” Banishes Painful Migraines Up to 40%

A patient named Cindy walked into my office and flopped onto the chair. The bags under her eyes and her apparent total exhaustion told me that she’d been through a lot lately. She then complained that she’d had more headaches recently, and had been having migraines most her of adult life. But worst of all,...

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Mailbag! Living with Stage 3 Kidney Disease

I’m living with stage 3 kidney disease, and I was wondering if you had suggestions for helping manage it. Currently I’m drinking six bottles of water a day to try to prevent going on dialysis like my mother and brother have had to. –Tim from Boston, MA Tim, There are two primary causes of kidney...

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Picture of someone in a yellow shirt holding a red plastic heart.

“Magic Potion” REDUCES Heart Disease Risk 26%? (Study)

If you’ve got grandkids, you’ve probably watched one of the Harry Potter movies at some point. In this magical world of wizards, they have a spell or potion for just about anything you can think of! If only it were that easy when it comes to taking care of your heart. But now, maybe it...

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Doctor helping patient.

Missing Nutrient INCREASES Osteoporosis Risk?

I’m sick and tired of hearing the mainstream talk about calcium. No animal on Earth consumes as much calcium as we humans do… and yet we still have some of the frailest bones! But new research shows I’ve been right all along… because the REAL reason for weak bones has nothing to do with calcium....

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Doctor examining patient orally.

3 COVID-19 Symptoms Seniors MUST Know

It was beginning to look like this COVID-19 thing was wrapping up… And then the Delta variant swept in. Any history student could tell you that this is exactly what happened in the early 1900s with the Spanish flu. The first wave was bad, but the second wave was what REALLY caused the major death...

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[SENIORS] Out-of-Control Blood Pressure? Try This!

Trying to get the perfect blood pressure can wear you down.   The bland diet… the risky drugs from your mainstream doc… and the fear of a heart attack or stroke can really take a toll.  Fortunately, that all stops TODAY.  Because research shows there’s an easy way to END your blood pressure problems.   And it takes just minutes a day. ...

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Doctor standing behind a patient.

[WARNING] Could This Cancer Treatment KILL You?

As you get older, the risk of cancer changes from a distant possibility to a harsh reality. And as I’m sure you know, certain mainstram treatments can be just as destructive as the cancer itself. Despite how much the mainstream says a treatment is effective… despite how much they say they’ve “fixed” the side effects…...

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“F Factor” SAVES Your Memory (Wow!)

When it comes to protecting your memory, you’d probably do just about anything. Because without a sharp mind in your golden years, you could lose your independence. That’s why you never miss your evening walk and always do the Sunday crossword. But there’s something else you NEED to do if you want to keep your...

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Mailbag! BANISH Annoying Vertigo Spells

I have vertigo, and it’s starting to get in the way of living my life. What would you recommend to get it under control?  –Ellen from San Antonio, TX  Ellen,   The good news is, you’re not alone. Estimates are that 40 percent of people over the age of 40 will have vertigo bad enough to speak with...

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Plant Compound Could DEFEAT Parkinson’s Symptoms (AMAZING!)

If you live with Parkinson’s disease, you’re naturally terrified of it getting worse. And who can blame you? Losing control of your body is not just scary… it can also take away your independence. But now, you could put those fears to bed. Researchers have discovered a plant compound that could DEFEAT Parkinson’s disease. And...

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Dreadful Disease HAUNTING Seniors (Yikes!)

Happy Halloween, friend! Tis the season of ghosts, goblins, and witches. But today I have a tale for you that’s much more terrifying than the ghost stories you love to tell your grandchildren. This dreadful disease is HAUNTING seniors… and like the grimmest of ghouls, it just won’t let go. It could lead to extreme...

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Could DRUGS Be Causing Your Arthritis?! (Shocking)

Your mainstream doctor will blame just about everything but the kitchen sink for your arthritis pain.   First, he’ll say it’s your age… or your genetics… or “normal” wear-and-tear.   But you know what he won’t say?   That there are mainstream drugs that could be causing your arthritis.   And today, I’m going to break that silence by telling you EXACTLY what to look for.  I’m talking about proton pump inhibitors and thiazide diuretics.   Proton pump inhibitors are prescription and non-prescription...

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