This Health Fix Could Save Your Marriage

Stop the quarreling and the stress. Research proves one change to your daily routine can make for happier relationships. 

The ONE Vitamin Every Senior Needs

Navigating the world of vitamins and supplements can be tricky. But there’s one vitamin that every senior needs. It could add years to your life and preserve your independence.

This WEIRD Cure Erases Anxiety

Are stress and anxiety taking all the joy out of your life? Use this easy fix to kill those butterflies in your stomach for good.

Revealed! The Secret Cause of Memory Loss

We’ve all been told that memory loss is just a normal part of aging. But there’s a more serious problem that could be slowly destroying your brain – and it’s reversible.

Blacklisted Vitamin Wipes Out Cancer Cells

Vitamin C has consistently shown an ability to safely attack and destroy cancer cells. So why aren’t more cancer patients being offered it?

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Popular Meds Leave You in CONSTANT Pain

Cholesterol-lowering statins can leave you with an agonizing muscle condition – and it may not clear up after you stop the drugs. Here’s what you should do.

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Dr. Scott’s Plan STOPS Bloating

Bloating doesn’t just make you uncomfortable – it can signal serious issues with your digestive health. Here’s how to get it under control.

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This Vitamin Story is “Fake News”

A new study is trying to link taking B vitamins to lung cancer. But there’s plenty about this research that they’re not telling you.

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The Gut Problem That Can DESTROY Your Health

Want to live a long, healthy life and avoid chronic disease? Better start with your gut

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The REAL Way to Stop Heart Attacks

Big Pharma is pushing a pricey anti-inflammatory drug to cut your heart attack risk. It’s the right idea – just the wrong solution.

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Taking Vitamins? That’s Not Enough…

Researchers are discovering that phytonutrients like resveratrol may hold the key to stopping dozens of diseases.

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All-Natural Treatment Destroys Cancer Cells… From Within

You don’t have to rely on chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to beat cancer. Medical mushrooms help your body fight cancer naturally.

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This “Missing Nutrient” REVERSES Failing Health

Healing your gut with vitamin D can help improve everything from brain function to sleep.

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Need Testosterone? Try Boosting You Own

Don’t reach for those patches and creams to boost your testosterone. Here’s how to increase hormone levels naturally.

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Dr. Scott’s Fix for Painful Joints

Excruciating joint pain doesn’t have to be part of getting older. Use these tips to whip those creaky joints back into shape.

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Throw This Cancer “Research” in the Trash

A new study is trying to scare patients away from alternative cancer treatments. But there are some things about this research you weren’t supposed to know.

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How Filthy Is YOUR Tap Water (You Won’t Believe It!)

We trust our government to keep our tap water clean. But it’s regularly not screening for many serious contaminants. Here’s how to stay safe.

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Is This Secret Disease Slowly Killing You?

One-third of Americans are at risk for a serious liver disease. And you may not know you have it until it’s too late.

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6 Drugs You Should NEVER Take

All prescription drugs come with risks – but some are more dangerous than others. Here are 9 drugs and drug-types you should avoid at all costs.

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Conquer Depression for PENNIES a Day!

Depression is practically an epidemic in America. But loading up on key nutrients like magnesium can erase your symptoms for good.

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