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Mailbag! Your Female Health Questions Answered

I’ve been dealing with a case of bacterial vaginosis, but I can’t take any of the conventional remedies for it. I was wondering if you knew of any non-prescription treatments that could help. –Renée from Point Pleasant, WV Renee, You’d be surprised by how many women are affected by bacterial vaginosis. For those who don’t...

Medicine Mistake Sends Colon Cancer Rising

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Goodbye, red meat. So along dessert. And alcohol? Forget about it! Conventional medicine doctors have a LOT to say about what you need to do to prevent colon cancer. Mainly it boils down to swearing off the stuff you love. But when it comes to warning you about something THEY...

The Surprising Missing Link Behind Insomnia

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Is there anything more frustrating than insomnia? You climb into your bed, crawl under your cozy covers, and switch off the light ready to get a restful night’s sleep. But instead insomnia shows up to crash the party. Suddenly sleep is downright IMPOSSIBLE. If you battle insomnia you’ve probably already...

How Diet Trends TRIGGER This Disease Risk

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, It happens to all of us. You hear about an exciting new diet, and you’re ALL IN! You follow the diet perfectly and lose some weight. But then you lose your motivation. Or something kicks you off your plan, like a vacation or family event. Suddenly you’re back to eating...

Common Chemicals Cause High Blood Pressure?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, When I told my wife about a recent study I was reading, her response was, “A girl just can catch a break!” And she’s right. Women seem particularly vulnerable to the chemicals in our environment. We see this with chemicals that damage the thyroid (women are more susceptible), and we...

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Taste Changed? You Could Have THIS Deadly Disease

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, The conditions that happen in our bodies are downright bizarre. And one of the strangest is dysgeusia, or a sudden change in how food tastes. It can happen overnight—suddenly your favorite food tastes “off.” You may even throw out the food thinking it’s spoiled, but the funny taste remains. This...

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Mailbag! How to Get Youthful Skin from the Inside Out

My skin has gotten thin and as I’ve aged, and I bruise pretty easily. Do you have any suggestions for taking care of it? –Tom from Biloxi, MS Tom, So many things are attacking our skin that it’s tough to keep it healthy as we age. Sun and chemical exposure (to both the inside and...

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“Brain-Protecting Punch” INCREASES Parkinson’s Disease Survival 70%

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, You’ve got to protect your brain cells. Why? Because there are too many things trying to destroy them. Brain cells can be hurt by pollutants, toxins in our environment, food additives, drugs, too much sugar, and many more threats in our modern world. What if I told you that there...

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Delicious Drink PREVENTS Falls? (Wow!)

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, There are a lot of things people don’t tell you about staying healthy into your golden years. You’ve heard that you should take care of your heart, your brain, and your blood sugar. But one of the biggest dangers you’ll face as you age doesn’t get talked about enough… Falling...

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“Sunshine Factor” LOWERS Breast Cancer Risk

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, In the United States, a woman’s risk of invasive breast cancer is 1 in 8 over the course of her lifetime. While this may not seem high compared to diabetes or heart disease, it’s still very significant – and if you have a close relative who’s battled the disease, your...

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Non-Invasive Arthritis Treatment MORE Effective Than Injections

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Watch TV for more than a few minutes, and I guarantee you’ll be bombarded with tons of drug commercials. These ads promise a “cure” from whatever ails you, claiming nothing but relief, happiness and butterflies ahead! There are MANY problems with mainstream drug commercials, but one of the biggest is...

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[LADIES] Simple Trick Increases Your Mobility by 46%!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, As you age, mobility can become a big issue. I’m not just talking about balance or walking without a cane. Low mobility can mean putting yourself at risk for fractures or a broken hip… and once that happens, it’s all downhill from there. And this applies especially to senior women....

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Mediterranean Condiment PLUMMETS Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Risk

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, It’s no secret that good health depends on prevention. Once you reach a certain age, however, it can feel like it’s too late for prevention to make a difference… especially when it comes to serious conditions, like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. But the truth is, it’s never too late to make...

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Mailbag! 6 Ways to Relieve Spinal Pain

I have degenerative disc disease, and I was wondering if you could tell me some ways to make it easier. –Pamela from Albuquerque, NM Pamela, As I’m sure you already know, degenerative disc disease happens when the discs between the spine’s vertebrae shrink. This tightness makes it difficult for the nerves that travel through the...

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This Virus INCREASES Parkinson’s Risk 70%

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, I bet you could list at least a few things you can do to avoid heart disease. And I’m sure you could also list a few more things you can do to reduce your risk of diabetes and cancer. But what can you do to lower your risk of Parkinson’s...

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Mainstream Drug SURGES Kidney Disease Risk?! (Yikes!)

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, It goes without saying that kidney disease is something you don’t want. People with kidney failure have to spend 3 to 5 hours at a dialysis center three times a week. If you’re “lucky” enough to have a dialysis machine at home, you have to be on it for 2...

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The Non-Pill Way to SOOTHE Menopause Symptoms

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, I love non-pill solutions. What do I mean? Habits like getting better sleep, exercising, and walking in the woods are all free, unmedicated ways to ease your symptoms and even lessen the impact of your condition. Not only that, non-pill solutions usually have additional benefits as well. And often, they’re...

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Woodland Secret BANISHES Depression

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, Depression is something no one wants to be stuck with. If you’re blue, you can feel trapped by your moods and are unable to escape the downward spiral. But what most a lot of folks don’t realize is that the food you eat can have a HUGE effect on your...

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Mexican Gourd LOWERS Blood Sugar Spikes 35%

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you’ve probably heard the same one-sided story. Sitting in your mainstream doctor’s office and listening to him tell you the “diabetes reality”, you’d think there’s only ONE way to get control of your blood sugar… Taking risky drugs full of awful side effects. But,...

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Mailbag! Feeling Exhausted? This May Be Why.

I’m worried about my husband’s lack of energy. Do you have any tips? –Georgia from Long Island, NY Georgia, Everyone feels run down and tired every now and then. But when you’re constantly exhausted, it’s time to look at why it could be happening. The list of things that may result in fatigue and energy...

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