Science Says You Are What You Eat

New scientific research finds your diet affects your genes just as much as your waistline.

“Three Secrets” for Strong Mental Health

Dear Reader,  I don’t know about you, but I have political/pandemic fatigue. Because let’s be honest, with a fluid pandemic situation, changes being made to our daily lives, and a lingering tense political atmosphere it’s hard to NOT feel stressed.  Plus, we’ve just made it through another holiday season – and that time of year, while enjoyable, comes with...

Is Liver Fat Affecting Your Health?

Dear Reader,  In case you didn’t know your liver is the unsung hero of optimal health.  Which is why this latest trend among senior Americans is so concerning:  Liver fat is on the rise.  In fact, if you’re over 55, and have symptoms like low energy, puffy eyes, occasional belly bloat, or if you’re carrying any extra weight, you could be at risk for your...

“Light Trick” Acts as a Disinfectant?

Dear Reader,  We’re all well tired of COVID by now. But the unfortunate reality is, it’s still here. And the even harsher reality is, this is probably NOT your last pandemic.  See, the problem is NOT with new bugs, or where they came from. But more so because our world is so interconnected that you can spread an infection oh-too-quickly all around the world in a matter of days.    There are two ways to...

The Heart Test You Can Do at Home (Easy!)

Dear Reader,  Have you ever wondered how your heart is doing?   It’s an important question.  Knowing the health of your ticker is crucial, BUT the thought of making an appointment… sitting in some crazy, claustrophobic scanning machine…. or getting injected with some dye, can be a lot for anyone – especially given our current environment!   The great news is there’s a simple test you...

“You Have 30 Minutes to Live”

You Have 30 Minutes to Live. Find out more from underground health researcher, Nate Rifkin as we begin the Secrets to Better Brain Health series.

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America’s Least Healthy Presidents

Three of the least healthy presidents revealed. Find out what they all had in common and how it may have killed them.

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Did Hemorrhoids Take Down the French Empire?

This common and slightly embarrassing condition may have coast Napoleon the Battle of Waterloo. Find out more...

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Solar-Powered Humans?

Is it possible to power the human body with sunlight? Plus, how taking a shot could protect you from colon cancer…

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Former Big Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli Pleads the Fifth When Questioned About Drug Gouging

Former: “Pharma Bro” exec provides only a smile for the House Oversight Committee.

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GMO Zika Virus Prevention Methods May Harm More Than Help

Did The X-Files predict the Zika virus? Maybe. Find out more about the genetically modified vectors unleashed to curtail the outbreak.

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Medication Side Effects May Be Responsible for One of January's Celebrity Deaths

Find out which common medications may have led to the tragic death of Eagles member Glenn Frey

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The FDA’s MedWatch Reporting System Fails Consumers and Physicians

The FDA’s reporting system is the most dangerous part of supplement industry. Find out how their carelessness could affect your life.

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This Food-Prep Practice May Save Your Life

Don’t be one of the 48 million Americans who suffer from a preventable illness every year. Find out how to protect yourself and your family with this first line of defense.

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The Health Tracker You Already Own (and How It May Save Your Life)

If you own a smartphone, you need to read this. It could help save your life.

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The Common Kitchen Appliance That’s Destroying Your Health

If you use an automatic coffee maker, you may be drinking toxins. Find out more…

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GMOs in Your Soup? Now You'll Know

Anti-GMO labelling proponents say food prices will increase if labelling is mandatory. Campbell proves otherwise…

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USDA Needs an Extra $25 Billion to Cover 2016 Spending

Nate Rifkin joins us today with his response to what the USDA’s budget should be.

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Eat Seasonally for Better Health While Helping Your Local Farmer

Fresh, local foods provide the greatest health benefits. Today’s edition of Living Well Daily explores one way to get a steady stream of local produce in your diet.

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This Top Prescribed Diabetes Medication Could Be Causing Your Pain (and the One Supplement That Can Stop It)

Even if you’re not diabetic, you’re still going to want to read this. A serious vitamin deficiency could be causing your pain.

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