KILL Cancer With Common Vitamin

Could a simple vitamin be the answer to fighting a common cancer? Yes, according to some emerging research. Find out which vitamin it is and how it could help you stay cancer-free.

Delicious Treat CRUSHES Diabetes

Tired of tasteless, chemical-filled diabetic desserts? Good news: You don’t have to eat them ever again! Find out how a rich, decadent dessert is not only safe to enjoy, but also could help keep you healthy.

[Warning] New Fungus Killing Hospital Patients

Going to the hospital is now even more dangerous. Find out what’s lurking in medical centers and how it can make you very sick.

Diabetes Breakthrough Works in 1 DAY!

Want to eat delicious foods and fight diabetes at the same time? New research suggests this is possible. Read on to discover more about this groundbreaking study.

Mailbag! The Great Butter Debate SOLVED

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We will discuss the differences between butter and margarine. Plus, we will give a few tips on how to select a heart-healthy spread.

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Kitchen Cure SLASHES Heart Risk

Health experts have warned you about indulging in fried foods because they can lead to health catastrophes. But, as it turns out they may be wrong. Tune in today to find out more…

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Harvard Discovery STOPS Cancer

Want a cheap solution for cancer? You’re in luck. New research from Harvard shows there’s a nutrient duo that can help you fight it.

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“Forbidden” Breakfast Stops Strokes

Want a quick, easy and cheap way to fight strokes? Read on to discover how an ordinary food could change your life.

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Poison Your Prostate? Are They Crazy?!?

If you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you know how scary it can be. Unfortunately, mainstream medicine is just waiting with sickening treatments like chemo and radiation, surgery that can leave you incontinent or ruin your sex life or dreadful hormone therapies. Now they've upped the crazy. You won’t believe the latest cure mainstream medicine has thought up now…

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Anti-aging Secret Works in 3 MINUTES FLAT

Have you ever wished for a one-shot cure-all that could turn back the hands of time and erase those extra pounds while boosting your almost nonexistent energy levels? Good news: Science may have discovered one. Read on to find out how this powerful compound could keep you young!

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From the Mailbag: Slash High Blood Pressure & Frozen Food No-Nos

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We will discuss how acupuncture may lower your blood pressure and how to safely refreeze foods.

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[Warning] Popular Medical Test Causing Alzheimer's?

If you’ve ever had a fall, taken an accidental knock to the noggin or even suffered from something as serious as a stroke, then you need to read this. Find out what this common medical test could be doing to your brain.

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Delicious Dinner BLASTS Clogged Arteries

Want a foolproof menu that protects your heart? Or an easy formula to follow when eating for your health? Then tune into today to discover the three foods you should always eat together to keep a healthy heart.

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TORCH Fat With This “Banned” Berry

Do you wish you could put your clothes on and feel confident about the way you look in them? Or ever taken a look in the mirror and realized you're carrying a spare tire on your waist? Then read on to discover how a common berry could help rid you of your spare-tire sadness and clothing catastrophes.

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Are You Getting Diabetes… in Your Sleep?!?

A new discovery in scientific research reveals why you should no longer ignore your snoring. Find out what it is and how it could be affecting your health. Read on...

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One Easy Way to Stop Memory Loss in Its Tracks

Do you have trouble remembering if you took your medications? Or trouble recalling where your keys are? Or if you paid the electric bill this month? If so, read on to discover one simple way to get your memory in check.

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From the Mailbag: Cancer-fighting Tea and Help for COPD

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We will discuss how Essiac tea can help you fight cancer and which supplement can help reduce your COPD symptoms.

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Two Tasty Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Want to keep your eyes healthy well into old age? Then put down that bagel and read this article. New research shows that two breakfast staples can help keep your focus sharp well into old age. Read on to discover more...

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Study Reveals New Brain Threat Hiding in Your Kitchen

Research reveals there’s a dangerous health threat lurking in your kitchen cabinets. Find out what it is and how you can stop it.

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How to Beat Cancer With Your Kitchen Scraps

There are powerful cancer killers in your kitchen trash. Today, we will show you how to get the most out of these powerful anti-cancer scraps. Find out more…

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