The Most Powerful Health Solution

Eat right, exercise, and sleep well, and you’re still missing what research shows is a vital path to robust health.

Animas River Turns Toxic

The real villain behind the Animas river toxic spill

Do Statins Cause Heart Disease?

New research suggests these dangerous drugs might actually contribute to, rather than treat, heart disease.

To Live Longer, Drink More Coffee

Love coffee? Good for you! Java consumption is associated with lower death rates -- and you’ll be surprised to find out how much you should drink to get the maximum benefit.

Sugar: Watch out! It’s Behind You!

Think you’re avoiding sugar? Wait until you see where it’s hiding…

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The Great Natto Experiment

Natto contains the vital nutrient vitamin K2. Too bad it tastes like gym socks. Here’s how to get the benefit without the gag-inducing flavor.

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GMO Corn Snuck into Your Lunch

How restaurants are caving to cheap ingredients at the risk of your health

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“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

If you’re taking a prescription sleep aid, that might happen sooner than you think

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Eat This Kind of Flesh

To reap optimal health benefits, your whole food diet should include whole animals as well as whole plants.

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Gut Feeling: Can you change your brain by changing your gut?

Can you change your brain by changing your gut?

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Gott im Himmel! That’s Good Sauerkraut!

Even if you can’t boil water, you can make delicious sauerkraut at home -– the perfect food for a healthy gut!

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I’d like your help...

Sleep’s unusual connection with memory

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How to Naturally Beat Anxiety

These natural herbs can help diffuse your next anxiety attack.

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Hilarious! Very Old People Eat the Wrong Food

Looking for some side-splitting comedy? Consider the crazy eating habits that folks over 100 years old somehow manage to survive...

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The Anti-Cancer Pro-Longevity Miracle Supplement

Hint: It’s something your body already makes…

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You Say Tomato, I Say (Tangerine) Tomahto

Get a greater dose of health-boosting lycopene from this bright orange tomato.

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How Old Are You... Really?

Forget what the AMA, the AARP and the SSA have to say about what old people can and can’t do. Instead, listen to legendary pitcher Satchel Paige.

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Do Sunscreens Prevent Skin Cancer? Or Do They Cause It?

Melanoma is on the rise. So is sunscreen use. Coincidence?

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So Do You Even Need Antioxidants?

Turns out your body actually makes a couple…

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Warning: Bottled Water Recall

Check you fridge for these recalled products.

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